Larxene (Organisation) - kingdom hearts





Well this was my first cospaly ever. Thisi s a very old photo so the hair sucks however when i get the chance i'll upload a picture of the better hairstyle but i can't find any currently.
I bought the cloak off of ebay after about an hours searching lol
And the hair took me absolutely ages to style after many sessinos of stylngi and restyling.
I made this cosplay while i was waiting for my Xion wig to arrive.
Larxene is one of my few cosplays who take part in my cosplays group youtube series. She was also the first one to post an online blog.


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Progress Journal

22nd March 2011

So to start

Ok so this sunday we will start filming our first episode of the Organisation XVI series. We should be doing a photoshoot so I can get some more photos of each fo my cosplays including my new Vexen one.