Kyosuke Kiryu (Kalin Kessler) (Dark) - Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D




For Kitacon, just a nice cosplay to have :D

EDIT: This costume went quite well. I used about almost 20 metres of blue ribbon on the cloak and jacket and spats :S the cloak was my cloak from Nagi Springfield cut up to be more Kiryuish, and we dyed that a blueyblack along with some white cotton drill (for the jacket) Unfortunately with so much fabric we should have used more dye or sommit, the colour got washed out many shades lighter than it should have been >_< Buut it doesn't look too bad, and I got recognised so I guess it doesn't matter too much.

I did make spats but didn't have time to attach them to the belt with chains so I left them off.


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