Auron's sword (Commission) - Final Fantasy X





Sword is made from wood with metal plates reinforcing the handle.

Customers comments:

'I just got on to my comp to look at this... *DROOL!*
THAT IS AMAZING!!!!! (I use that word a lot but it really is!)
EEEEEPP I cant wait till I can wield it!!!'


Zelda posted on 22 April, 2011 - 18:24
The progress is looking lovely, you have such talent ^^

cowiee posted on 25 April, 2011 - 17:08
Amazing progress on the sword!

Eloraborealis posted on 25 April, 2011 - 17:47
Fantastic work, it looks amazing!

J_Auron posted on 14 December, 2011 - 12:18
I cant believe I havnt commented here! That sword is still sitting proudly in my room. IT IS A BEAUTY! :)