Sakata Gintoki - Gintama

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lovely day

last defense

calm in the toughest situations

The beginning of the adventure!




Sakata Gintoki is epic hes forgettable, lazy, poor, got crazy sweet tooth and hes addicted to Shonen Jump. hes a type of guy who would rather buy a Shonen Jump rather than save a damsel in distress and thats his job haha


- posted on 15 March, 2011 - 01:55
Your gunna suit this so much!

cookie posted on 15 March, 2011 - 02:33
thanks ash

x-Blade-x posted on 28 February, 2013 - 18:29
Great to see more Gintama cosplayers 8D I cant wait for more progress on this! Working on Hijikata atm myself~ ^^

cookie posted on 31 March, 2013 - 21:16
thank you same here:D

JustPeachy posted on 3 April, 2013 - 21:31
You're so perfect as Gintoki! Love this so much <3

cookie posted on 4 April, 2013 - 19:50
Thank you very much:)

Greenstar88 posted on 6 April, 2013 - 11:44
Great pictures! love the surroundings :)

cookie posted on 6 April, 2013 - 12:49
Thank U :D

Progress Journal

Sword finished (Posted 30th March 2013)

finally its finished! all i need to do now is spice up me wig abit more so looks more like Sakata Gintoki hair style ^_^

wig (Posted 27th March 2013)

the wig was perfect when i got all i neede to do was to cut the fringe to my eye level and bingo i got a wig that fit me head haha all i need to do now is to paint my sword and ill be done but unfortunately i left me paint at work doh!

boots (Posted 21st March 2013)

iv got wellies for the boots i hope they look ok

costume (Posted 14th March 2013)

all i need now is the wig ^___^

sword shape finished (Posted 6th March 2013)

I have finished shaping the sword and now it looks like a sword. but iv messed up the handle tho. oh well cant get every thing perfect

making of sword (Posted 28th February 2013)

busy sizing and shaping the sword using wood slowly but surly getting their.