Princess Aurora
Sleeping Beauty

Cosplayer: Holli

Variant: Pink dress

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

14th March 2011: How the curling looked When they came out of the rollers the curl was very tight, i brushed it and slightly back combed them to create a fluffy natural volume; rather than a controlled curl.

14th March 2011: Wig curling To curl the wig i twisted the hair and rolled it up into rollers, i then dipped the wig into boiling water (using the kettle) then i let it stand for 2 mins, then left it to dry to 2 days.(Photo tad blurry as usual hehe)

Frederica la Noir avatar

Frederica la Noir - 14th March 2011
^_^ the wig looks awesome :D great job! x

J-Po avatar

J-Po - 18th March 2011
lookin good :)

FuriePhoenix avatar

FuriePhoenix - 18th March 2011
wig looks awesome so far!

rosieroo avatar

rosieroo - 16th April 2011
well done on the wig - must have taken you ages - spot on

TheStarlightFairy avatar

TheStarlightFairy - 4th August 2011
Lovely wig and crown!

Holli avatar

Holli - 4th August 2011
Thankyou all for the lovely comments, the crown is actually changing :) It is being made for me, and i really cant wait to see it <3

callmemilo avatar

callmemilo - 5th August 2011
oooh tis lookin good! :D

rosieroo avatar

rosieroo - 8th August 2011

rosieroo avatar

rosieroo - 12th August 2011
thats such a pretty dress

Lozzie avatar

Lozzie - 12th August 2011
holy shed! that dress is gorgeous!

BabemRoze avatar

BabemRoze - 12th August 2011
Looks gorgeous!!

FuriePhoenix avatar

FuriePhoenix - 12th August 2011
amazing dress! Is this the maker in america I'm thinking of?? She's a mom an she makes like every princess dress and cast member costume for ehr daughter when they go to the park??

Holli avatar

Holli - 12th August 2011
Thankyou Everyone, Cez- I know who your thinking of, and nope its not her; but their dresses are very similar. These dresses are just alot more puffy =D They use the same fabric too =D

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 12th August 2011
The dress is gorgeous, who made it?

Love the wig and the crown. You're going to look stunning.

Holli avatar

Holli - 12th August 2011
aww thankyou ^_^ the crown is actually being made for me (by Steph Terpant) , im just wearing a Disneyland One lol =D

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 12th August 2011
Ah coolies. Steph is awesome. She has some great skills.

Uni avatar

Uni - 13th August 2011
N'ya~ This is gonna look so adorable on you! <3

Pandora-Chi avatar

Pandora-Chi - 14th August 2011
I love the new wig and crown! You are gonna be just as beautiful with the pink dress! <3

Debbie Ella avatar

Debbie Ella - 16th August 2011
That is SUCH a gorgeous dress, I can see why you bought it! You're gonna look stunning in this!

J-Po avatar

J-Po - 13th September 2011
that dress... i want XD

CrystalNeko avatar

CrystalNeko - 13th September 2011
Oh my gosh that dress is just gorgeous!! Can't wait to see it!

Holli avatar

Holli - 14th September 2011
Thankyou both ^_^ the dress should be here any day ! :O

TheEmoEmu avatar

TheEmoEmu - 20th September 2011
The dress looks amazing on you hun! ^^

Manticore Arts avatar

Manticore Arts - 20th September 2011
I know you, I walked with you Once upon a dream! And it was amazing! you work her well love!

BabemRoze avatar

BabemRoze - 20th September 2011
You look so pretty!!!

FuriePhoenix avatar

FuriePhoenix - 20th September 2011
Looks great!!!! You really suit Aurora!

Holli avatar

Holli - 21st September 2011
Thankyou everyone for the wonderful comments ^_^ i LOVE this dress <3

NatalieNoodles avatar

NatalieNoodles - 21st September 2011
love the dress 8D

Lol at your cat it's like "what are you doing?" xD

ElegantAura avatar

ElegantAura - 22nd September 2011
What a Beautiful gown! (definately money well spent) Gorgeous wig too ^_^

lilkimmi27 avatar

lilkimmi27 - 10th November 2011
You look great as Aurora!!

Newdles avatar

Newdles - 10th November 2011
Absolutely stunning as always!

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 10th November 2011
So beautiful!

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 13th November 2011
Well dont you look lovely!

Athora.x avatar

Athora.x - 13th November 2011
You suit her so much and that dress is gorgeous! the wig and the crown just completes it too :) really beautiful! x

FuriePhoenix avatar

FuriePhoenix - 14th November 2011
you suit Aurora SOOOOOOO well! I thnk Aurora is my fav princess for you as a cosplay. You look so pretty as her xx

Lozzie avatar

Lozzie - 14th November 2011
you look utterly stunning <3

Creative-Stitches avatar

Creative-Stitches - 14th January 2012
You look lovely! Great job ^^

Nomes avatar

Nomes - 14th January 2012
The dress is soooo pretty. You look amazing.

Pandora-Chi avatar

Pandora-Chi - 14th January 2012
U look so pretty <3 <3

xJesikira avatar

xJesikira - 17th January 2012
this is PERFECT <3

FuriePhoenix avatar

FuriePhoenix - 17th January 2012
love the new photos of this, aurora i think is definitely your princess!

Mangamad avatar

Mangamad - 17th January 2012
So Pwiddyful. O,O!<

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 18th January 2012
This is gorgeous and you look wonderful in it. Very well constructed, well done. :)

Eloraborealis avatar

Eloraborealis - 22nd April 2012
Such a lovely dress, you look absolutely gorgeous! :D

rosieroo avatar

rosieroo - 2nd May 2012
this is beautiful O_o

FuriePhoenix avatar

FuriePhoenix - 3rd May 2012
the new wig really does make ALL the difference! looks perfect!

Holli avatar

Holli - 3rd May 2012
aww thankyou everyone ^^
Furie- yeh ! never sit on a wig on the way to shoot..!

TheStarlightFairy avatar

TheStarlightFairy - 3rd May 2012
Dayummm dat wig looks FANTASTIC!
Great job, as always!

Relion avatar

Relion - 3rd May 2012
That wig is sooo awesome!

rosieroo avatar

rosieroo - 30th May 2012
this cosplay is beautiful im glad i got to see it at expo

Rayi avatar

Rayi - 15th June 2012
Glad to have seen this at the May Expo! <3
Very pretty!