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Alto-Kun! Baiscally this was one of my first cosplays along with Zero, I thought that one cosplay would be enough, however i realised many people tended to have one cosplay per day for the conventions. So after a quick chat with a friend on msn, we came up with the plan that Alto would be a rather simple, yet extravagant cosplay which people who have seen Macross Frontier would definately recognise.

Firstly, I asked my sister if she would help me with the sewing work and if she was willing to help me create this, since it was my first time making a cosplay. She agreed so we headed to primark to buy a white T-shirt,red tie and some blue pants, we found a nice blue fabric and yellow ribbon in the cloth market and took that home as well.

All that was needed was to cut the blue patches from the shouler and sew them on. The ribbon was cut and glue guned into place on the red tie. As with the Mihoshi Academy logo, we found the design on the net and printed it onto some transfer paper. You only needed to iron the paper onto the shirt and the logo was there! ^^

The wig was bought from a friend which was styled for me to look like Alto's hair :).

Cosplaying Alto was a very weird exerience for me, i didn't think i felt comfortable in it, it was my first ever time wearing a wig and on top of that is was a bright blue one with long hair! I managed to stroll around in this costume for 2-3 hours and only 3 or 4 people recognised me and knew who Alto was. I retreated back into the room and started to get changed, however i took a few snap shots before i went out of it and the results are in the pictures.... haha enjoy
Alto Saotome (早乙女アルト)
Age: 17

A high school student in the Mihoshi Academy Pilot Training course. As a result of his fine features and long hair he is often mistaken for a girl at first glance, even receiving the nickname 'Hime' (Princess). His appearance was inherited from his late mother, Miyo. Despite his appearance, he is otherwise a rather normal boy, though somewhat aloof and standoffish. Born into a well-known Kabuki family, his persistent yearning for the skies has made for a thorny relationship with his father. Alto is now undertaking pilot courses at Mihoshi Academy. He is constantly fretting about living aboard Macross Frontier. After getting the chance to pilot the VF-25 Messiah variable fighter (due to its original pilot Henry Gilliam being killed by a large type Vajra) his flying skills bring the attention of Ozma Lee, who accepts him as a candidate for the S.M.S. Skull Squadron. He has developed emotional bond with both Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome, despite not knowing how he truly feels for both of them.

TheRandomFairy posted on 15 August, 2011 - 20:02
A very good cosplay, well done.

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