Hei (BK201 - Kuro Shinigami ) - Darker Than Black


Worn at ALCL for a one day thing :) - Improved version for Kitacon III ^^

This was my second time cosplaying, third costume i believe ;P I was still relatively new at cosplaying and I heard there was a one day event for cosplay happening in London - namely ALCL which was in Febuary of 2010 if i remember correctly. I'd just finished January exams and thought i could go as a little break for myself ^^. But I didn't have too much money to spare and i wanted to try making my own cosplays and i have been told by some friends that i would make a great Hei and personally i loved the series to bits after watching it and couldn't wait for the second series to come out!

SO i started by looking up tutorials and how to make Paper mache masks, i didn't want it to come out like it was made unprofressionally so i tried my hardest to look for ones which look perfect when finished. So started by blowing up a balloon the size of my head, applied the paper mache and let it dry and keep putting layers on it, after about 20 layers and hours of sanding i put Gesso on it, gesso is what artists use to texture their canvas so paint clings onto the canvus better (it works miracles). Painted it with acrylic paint and finished it with seal on wood gloss on it to seal the paint and make it have a little shine effect. Quite happy with the outcome :).

I bought a female trench coat to imitate the coat that Hei wears and this was basically how i looked for ALCL.
I really wanted to redo Hei and this time put more effort into it. I met a friend who mentioned cosplaying Yin from Darker but no one recognised her and i told her that I did Hei and not many people knew who i was either since the series was still relatively new and not many people had seen it, so we made plans to cos Hei and Yin together for Kitacon III and this time i was determined to put a bit more effort into it.

Last time i never took my mask off xP, this time i looked up some other Hei cosplayers and had a look at how the make up should be applied and my sis gave me some tips on how to do it. I also grew my hair again and redyed it black to match hei's hairstyle ^^ I also went and bought a better Hei Costume with an inside pouches and black armless vest. (very comfortable cosplay i must say)

I needed a small dagger this time, and basically i had 2! one which was made by a friend and another bought as a prop (many thanks to them).

When cosplaying Hei, I tried to convey the image of his emotionlessness, rarely smiling and sometimes with a grim expression, this was also one of the first times i've had a formal photoshoot with some of the best photographers - Erin, Matt and Chi <3 Thanks guys! - The results are shown in the pictures :)!
Hei (黒(ヘイ))
An elite Contractor with the Messier Code BK-201. Hei plays a gentle-hearted student from China named Lee Shengshun when undercover. He becomes an apathetic and guiltless killer when on his missions. Joining an organization of unknown ambitions known only as Syndicate, Hei is searching for the whereabouts of his sister Pai, whom he lost several years ago when the South American gate imploded. Hei's contract allows him to generate electricity, and he is hotly pursued by the Japanese government for his involvement in multiple assassinations. He acts as the warrior/spy/assassin of his team.

Anonymous posted on 7 June, 2011 - 17:59
Hei! <3 A Nicely done cosplay of him :D

BabemRoze posted on 11 June, 2011 - 12:57
Absolutely amazing!

JaeXD posted on 29 July, 2011 - 11:57
Hey, Hei ;D

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