Allen Walker (2nd Uniform - Crown Clown) - D.Gray-man


KitaCon 2010


Allen Walker's 2nd Uniform Costume - From when he enters the ark with the sword of exorcism and crown clown in its white cloak form :)

The reason behind cosplaying Allen was a funny one. Basically my friend has cosplayed Kanda and she loves the character. I've always wanted to do a D-gray man cosplay but was struggling between which character to pick from. Kanda Yu was my first favourite to cos but since we already have a Kanda and his image was abit too "girly" at the time for me, so i was left with Allen and Lavi. Eye patch, Hammer, Scarf vs Sword, White fur and Claw. Basically i decided to pick Allen, the protagonist since it is the character which is most developed and gets the most screen time, also i thought it would be cooler to make a sword and have white fur as opposed to an eye patch! (And thank goodness since there was a lavi there who was awesome)

The sword is made out of polystrene blocks stuck together onto a wooden dowel, i choose this material as it is relatively cheap and light to lift. I covered the polystrene with paper mache and then sealed the sides with black tape used by electricians. I then painted the thing a metalic silver colour and glue guned foam to form the hilt and the sides.

The costume itself is bought, with a few adjustments here and there. I had to cut the left sleeve off to fit my own exorcist "claw" onto it. Basically just a black glove with white strips of fabric glued onto it to form the cross with fabric glue. The top was a white long sleeve shirt with white fur fabric sewn onto it (Thanks to Kerri).

I've tried to capture Allen's "I will protect you and only thinking about others" innocent 15 year old look. Mind you i was slightly older than 15 when i cosplayed him :P but still i was about the right height compared to the other D gray man cosplayers which worked out just fine. The costume is made from leather and i had to wear a black t shirt underneath as some parts did require the black shirt to stick out, and on top of that i had to wear the white crown clown shirt which made this the HOTTEST cosplay i've ever done, however I met some of the most awesome cosplayers and friends in this costume which was the best thing about it!

Credit to Wei and Cross for the photos.

Allen Walker (アレン・ウォーカー Aren Wōkā?) is the main protagonist of the D.Gray-man manga and anime series created by Katsura Hoshino. He was created from the female protagonist of the D.Gray-man's predecessor Zone; Hoshino lengthened the female character's hair to create Allen's design.

The setting takes place during a fictional 19th century England. Allen is sent by his master to join the Black Order and be an Exorcist, who is able to use a divine substance called Innocence as a weapon and destroy the Millennium Earl's akuma, weapons which use human souls as an energy source. Allen aids the Black Order's attempts to prevent the Earl's plan to destroy the world. He is the prophesied Destroyer of Time and is believed to be the only one able to defeat the Earl. However, a traitor member of the Noah Family, a group of humans who aid the Earl, has implanted his memories into Allen. As the memories will erode Allen away until he becomes a Noah, the Order views him as a potential enemy. It's been revealed that he's not the player left behind by the 14th, but that he is the 14th.

My__RoadOfBlood posted on 14 March, 2011 - 02:10
All of your costumes look brilliant! :) Love the photos.

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