Seifer (School Uniform) - Kingdom Hearts II

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We've all seen the Kairi school uniform. I was considering Riku, but then the thought struck me... whose my favorite character? Let's stick him in a uniform. So this is OWN design, based on several I've seen floating about. Hoorah!


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12th March 2011

My poor dying hat

Today is a sad day. Today, my Seifer hat is dying. I've had it for three years, and worn it so often that I've actually worn a hole in it. It needs a wash, because the elastic has died a bit. But that'll tear it to bits :( It needs to be repainted too...

May be time for a new one. But only if it's perfect. No comprimises >: [

In other news, my tie fabric arrived today. I found this beautiful orange plaid fabric on eBay that is similiar to the Destiny Islands School uniform but not exact. Which is nice.

So I whipped up a tie in half an hour! I've never made a tie before, and there wasn't enough fabric length ways to follow any pattern that I found so I just went for it! It's not perfect, but it looks damn good when tied! Very happy with it.

My hair is getting dyed for Kitacon next week, so it'll actually be perfect... just need that new hat, some shoes, a school blazer... and a white shirt. The cosplayers staple, a white shirt... and I don't have one anymore. How bizarre.

I am excited, either way.