Victoria Lyer/ Michael Finigan - Original Character





For a Murder Mystery Night. Wasn't too sure if I was gonna but this up at first but, if it heightens the completed costume count then why not xD

Character description-

You are a member of TASA (Time And Space Agency), a secret organisation who have developed basic time travel capabilities. The role of the organisation is to protect human interests in the past. You were sent as a last minute operation to try and save someone's life.
Your real name is Michael Finigan. You have an optical manipulation device (OMD) which changes your appearance to resemble that of your cover Victoria Lyer. It is vital you keep your cover at all times.
Victoria is a rancher from the western part of the galaxy who has an obsession with the ‘wild west’ period of human history. Try to do everything you can to enhance this cover, from clothing to accents to anything you can think of. Somebody's life depends on your ability to convince other members at station 1-6-7 that you are indeed Victoria Lyer.

Was great fun being a guy from the future, disguised as a space cowgirl!!!


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Progress Journal

12th March 2011


Well don't be for long, my friend is a youtube vlogger and he filmed the event, so a youtube video explaining everything will be here soon. And you will also get to see my character's epic death scene