Draenei (Original) - World of Warcraft





Because I can!

Stuff the elves...I'd take a Draenei home any day! *¬*

I've worked out a way in which I can make fully functioning hooves! >D mwahaha! I'm sooo gunna have to practice walking in them tons though, else there will be a very clumsy Draenei wondering around expo ^^;; Bonus points: I gets to be tall for a day! Yay!! XDD
Will be working on the join to the body and the poseability of my tails so that I can make it look a bit more realistic. Horns will be the Draenei style lowered horns.

I'll be doing an original variation of a Draenei most likely based on my WoW character at the time I get around to making this hehe ^-^

Woop! Can't wait until I can get started on this 8D


HatsuneHawke posted on 10 March, 2011 - 17:01
good luck and i cant wait to see you start on this =D