Lucille. ((Nun/Convent Variant)) - Grand Guignol Orchestra





InfiniteJester posted on 9 March, 2011 - 20:21
oo iv not seen this before? it looks pretty!

Itsonlythefairytale. posted on 9 March, 2011 - 20:44
Yeh,its Kaori Yuki's newest work by the look of it. ~ Its really good,I have the first two volumes. (You can read it online though x3)

InfiniteJester posted on 14 March, 2011 - 09:24
ah cool *have started readin it now* i can totally see u as lucille - must be the long bishie hair!

InfiniteJester posted on 14 March, 2011 - 09:35
2 chaps in... *o i likesss* :) this one is an interestin concept :) i may have to join u for this one too... i likes elestial and gwindel so far :)

Itsonlythefairytale. posted on 14 March, 2011 - 15:57
Yay! ~ hehe,I do like Lucille the most. Although I kind of like Kohaku and maybe Spinel too,but shes kind of flat chested,so I couldn't wear her ruby outfit or anything. I like the guy who was Garnet too. . (can't spell his name). I could see you as Eles! ~ <3 Gwindel would be interesting,but you don't know much about him yet n-n I know Chloe likes Lucille,Berthie and someone else who I can't remember right now? ~ I see a group forming >8D

Skyla posted on 14 March, 2011 - 16:27
Unft. Someone else who has actually read some of this! *w* <3 Can't wait to see who you decide on! I need to read more of the manga already, but the characters be gloriously nommy in the Kaori Yuki way xD. Best of luck!

InfiniteJester posted on 14 March, 2011 - 16:36
group grouppppp :) yeah im witholdin judgement on gwindel atm, he jst seems quiet/angry atm... i was only considerin cos he has jizabelly hair ;) and o i not met berthie yet. spinel was pretty awesome when she showed up :) i likes moriot too.. even if him and the queen remind me a bit o how katan and roziel are in angel sanctuary. he.. well if noone else wants to do eles il volunteer.. height is on my side i guess :)

Itsonlythefairytale. posted on 14 March, 2011 - 18:54
@Skyla - I knows! I fanspazzed so much in the shop when I saw the book. I do love her works ^-^ Yush. . .Her artwork is so beautiful,I just don't know who to pick. There are a couple who I like though. Thannnkkyou! ~ ^-^ @Kaila ~ Yush. Yush x3 Yeh. . . ~ Oh? does he? Must re-look. ~ Oh yeh,Morion I forgot about him. I could see you as Morion too. .Yeh,her characters have similiar themes. Yay! ~ Eles <3 ~ Chloe and I need to decide now. .haha ~

InfiniteJester posted on 14 March, 2011 - 20:26
lmaoo well i havent decided for certain or anythin yet *we kno how kaori yuki likes to radically twist her characters personalities* but yeah id def be up for a group :) whoever u guuys choose!

Shadowland13 posted on 14 March, 2011 - 20:28
Amaziiiing, love this manga =D Kohaku or Lucille would look epic!

Itsonlythefairytale. posted on 15 March, 2011 - 00:21
Same! ~ I just love the work of this mangaka. Well they are my favourites at the moment. ^-^ @kaila ~ Yush x3 ~ haha,she sure does! It makes it all the more interesting <3 Awesomes ^-^ I don't mind really ~