Kinekt Tan (Male reinterpretation) - Mike inel's Console Wars



The general idea so far is a masculine variant, most likly wearing a tad more armour/clothing, but otherwise not gonna change it too much, as for the construction the trousers and boots i can source easyly, the jackets probably gonna be a custom colab effort with my cosplay partner, and the blasters, headpiece and any armour i add will most likly be cored off of hi-density insulation foam, makes for a lightweight but prety durable build, and cheapish too, also im planning for all the lights, luminous logos and blaster 'barrels' to be illuminated via LED setups, all in all shouldnt be to difficult a build and if it comes out the way i see it in mah head, its gonna look awesome!

Youkai-Neko posted on 10 March, 2011 - 13:52
good luck honey! :D can't wait till we do this hehe <3

Ashtarius posted on 10 March, 2011 - 15:16
Neither can i, gonna be sooooo awesome hehe xxx >.< <3

Plan Armour, blasters and headpiece
Design Jacket
Source/Buy Trousers, Boots (probly New Rocks) and materials for jacket
Source and Buy Materials for blaster/armour/headpiece
Make Jacket
Make Blasters/Headpiece Assembly
Make Armour (if any)

Total cost: £0.00