Undertaker - Kuroshitsuji


Ayacon 2011




Undertaker is right up there along with Grell as my favourite in Kuroshitsuji, so made an obvious choice for cosplay!

I probably put more work into this costume than any of the other cosplays I did at Ayacon, simply because there were so many bits to do and I made it a bit complicated with my choices of how I put it together (e.g. making the robe all one thing, rather than several layers)

The robe took me a while to make since I had to completely make up the collar part! I also spent ages faffing with fastenings to keep it shut in the right places--yet it still blew open at the bottom (I ended up safety-pinning it!)

As for the hat, it gave me a headache, figuratively speaking. I wanted to do the long part but it took me ages to figure out how....even though it was really really obvious. The hat pattern was drawn from scratch!

I am really pleased with how the belt turned out; I wrote about how I put it together in the journal section so if you're curious, check it out! (Hint: SPOONS)
Another thing I was pleased about was the boot covers since I hadn't made any before.

Strangely I had fewer problems with this super-long wig than the Grell one; it didn't seem to tangle up so much!

Had loads of fun with this costume and it's the one I'm most proud of out of all my Aya cosplays.


KuroOkaeshi posted on 24 July, 2011 - 19:03
Yey! Undertaker! Cant wait to see some pictures :D

JustPeachy posted on 23 August, 2011 - 17:36
Awesome Undertaker, the tearoom shot made me laugh! Brilliant :D

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

2nd August 2011


This costume is now 90% complete! The only task left is the wig (urgggh).
Today I finished the charms and belt. The belt itself is just a piece of chain with a clasp on it, as for the charms, check out the picture!
I noticed that the charms on Undertaker's belt are like the memorial pendants/rings worn in Victorian times, containing the hair of the deceased (nice!)
So I made these with hair inside (not mine, mind! The hair is from various wigs!)

I couldn't find suitable pendants or cameo bases for a reasonable price, so these are made from scratch.
The base of these charms? Spoons!
20p a pop from the local charity shop, thankyouverymuch.
I flattened them using a combination of a vice and a hammer, then got my tool-savvy Dad to drill the holes and cut them down to size. He also sanded the edges so there were no sharp bits! Yay for handy daddies!

The trim around the edge is aluminium wire (I cut several long pieces and twisted them together) This I hot glued on, which in some cases took several attempts and a little cursing!

Once the glue was dry I gave them a couple of coats of spray paint and left them to dry for 24 hours. The spray painted gold was too fake and paintlike, so I rubbed on some brown acrylic and quickly rubbed it off again. The paint then gathers in the cracks and gives it more of an aged look :)

As for the middle, I lightly glued in some hair cut from the underneath layers of a few wigs. I cut 'ribbons' from gold card and glued them underneath the hair and then 'engraved' names on them with an old pen.
Naturally one of the names is 'Claudia P.'...I'm a sucker for accuracy!
At time of writing I haven't seen any other names on Undertaker's charms, so I used names from the works of Oscar Wilde instead XDDD

To cover the hair and finish the charms, I cut out pieces of plastic (just from things yoinked from the recycling) the right shape and size to slot in. This is where I screwed up a little since I tried to glue one piece in and it took off the paint! Oops! Obviously that charm was fixed at the back!

31st July 2011


Boot covers are sorted. I stuck with the cardboard option for the buckles--I seriously wasn't going to buy umpteen buckles at however much each for this part of the costume! The cardboard looks okay anyway, I just have to be careful not to bend the buckles lol
Only made the boots knee-high since anything over the knee would have been fiddly and the boots won't be seen beyond mid-calf anyway. The picture shows the original boots, then a half-finished and completely finished boot cover. Am pleased with how they turned out considering I'd never tried making these before. Didn't try to make pointy curved toes since the boots themselves aren't shaped like that and I couldn't figure out how to make curved toes without it looking rubbish. So yeah, this is how they look.

All I have left to do on this is the wig and the belt thingy (which I started on today)

28th July 2011

Boot it

Started on boot covers. Have never made any before and am going completely by guesswork! So far they look okay, though they're being held together mostly by pins, at the moment.
Current option for buckles = cut from cardboard off the back of an old pad of paper and sprayed silver. It took me almost two hours! (Not including drying time!) Might cover them with foil for a better, more geniune metallic look.
Decided to try this first since it's cheaper than buying a whole pile of real buckles.

24th July 2011

Get yer coat...

At LAST I finished the coat! Also made the grey scarf/sash/thing and started on the hat! The hat is nearly finished but took a lot of messing about with fabric to figure it out. Thought my brain would explode XD

17th July 2011

Like a straitjacket but not

Finally started this costume! Today I made the main part of the coat. With the super-long sleeves it has a bit of a straitjacket appearance!
I already decided to make a false collar/shrit/thing and false sleeves for the layer beneath the coat (because multiple layers in August is not happening) but I haven't got to that part yet! I need to hem the coat and the sleeves, and do the fastenings and collar. Then the coat should be finished! Hopefully I can get this done over the next couple of days.