Black Adventures (Pokemon)

Cosplayer: KiraraYumi

Variant: Many

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

22nd February 2012: 93% complete~ And all done for Hyper! I just need to sew pockets onto the jacket (the7%. It's pretty much 7%!) Figured that could wait till later.
My awesome friend Kai painted the Pokeball on my hat for me! x3 I really suck at painting, so happy she was willing to help!
Less than a week's working time...sweeet.

21st February 2012: Jacket = Done Yeeeeey! About 4-5 straight days and it is finito! It's too big and I made mistakes, but EH. I will fix them if I can and when I can be bothered. Time is running short now xP

6th December 2011: Actual clothing progress So the hat from the last photo is now in the process of being painted! Did most of the red, now it needs to dry so I can finish it up~ Another thing for default Black: I bought an almost perfect pattern for the jacket on sale. Whoop! I hope I'll be able to understand it, I've not used a physical pattern before x_x Kinda needed it for this though, because...None of the jackets I make are ever perfect, tis time to learn, and Black's hood is so weird that I can't think of how to do it on my own.

JSRF!Black: I finally sewed the stocking together. Huzzah! It slips when I walk, so I will need some kind of support, but that shouldn't be a problem. Once the wig is finished, I'll probably see if I can rope someone into taking photos for me.

2nd December 2011: Wiggish Nightmare I have ALMOST gotten the wig how I want it. This thing has been a nightmare.
I ordered a Leslie in golden brown from the store while they had a ")5 cupon code going on. That wig was pretty much the only one I could find the right style for Black, so I bought it even though it was way more pricey that what I usually spend on wigs, even with the discount. Damn people gave me a long Leslie. 2 inches longer than it was supposed to be T_T Contacted them many, MANY times and they did nothing about it. NEVER. AGAIN. Will I order from them.

So I've basically been struggling with deciding whether to sell it and buy a new one or just work with it...finally decided to work with it, cutting and cutting while having next to no clue what I'm doing, and this is how it is so far. Not sure if I should keep cutting or not...All the photos with the light look like Jaden hair xD
My derp faces are covered up because I look as I should after the end of the week: BLEH. (all art here is by black-and-friends on DA, thought it'd look nicer than blank)

13th October 2011: Stockingu Working on the stocking right now~ Decided I am only making one afterall. I don't want to go through measuring everything again D8 And if I made another, it would mean I wouldn't need Missingno., and I WANT Missingno. so there.

This is what the stocking looks like atm. I've got to iron it, then shape it to my leg, then sew it up, then it is finito. Also sorta pictured are my rollerblades, which I needed to wear to see how much longer to make the stocking xP There is no way I'm wearing this costume without rollerblades! I won't be fancying them up like Black's though, I can't make bootcovers very well and my blades would be impossible to put on with covers. To make up for that though, everything else will be as accurate as possible! =O

Except for the fact that there are 10 stripes instead of 8. My legs are long, okay? xD

Alsooooo bought a fabric pen yesterday, so I should *hopefully* have the "BL" written on the dress by the end of the day, or tomorrow. Feels so good to be working on cosplay right now~

11th September 2011: Fabric BD I've bought fabric for both default Black and JSRF. YAY! I think I'll start JSRF version first as it lovely and purple. And easier xD

Loxes avatar

Loxes - 6th June 2011
Just don't let N near your wardrobe...

TheStarlightFairy avatar

TheStarlightFairy - 6th December 2011
I need that Audino and that Zorua poncho/hat/adorable clothing of some description in my life

Also that BL dress is awesome!

KiraraYumi avatar

KiraraYumi - 18th February 2012
asdfhj thank you! x3
You should totally make the Zorua hoodie so that we can derp around together in awesome Poké-attire!