America (Female) - Hetalia Axis Powers



Complete! This'll just be warn at a meet or when my nii-san comes to visit next month, just need to decide which wig to use (may just use all three and change it XD) and pin the top for when I wear it~

I know I know, I keep putting up new costumes, but I guess I've got a bit of cosplay fever right now.
Anyway I bought a new jacket this week thats very similar to Alfred's bomber jacket (I bought it because I wanted one like him) and it kinda just made me wanna cosplay him, but Fem!America (I'm not good enough to crossplay him yet, and I don't have the height, I'm more Arthurs height in comparison XD) instead I love her design but she doesn't wear alot so it's just going to be a nice casual one, bomber jacket, cowboy boots, denim shorts/jeans and a top which I'm going to make out of their flag (Which is something I've always wanted to do)

This'll probably be for a meet or a night of expo maybe, or just a day into college, I've got the contacts and soon to have three blonde wigs to choose out of so this'll be done fairly soon ^_^

princesircastic posted on 5 March, 2011 - 01:32
Are you going to demand I cosplay Germany or Prussia at some point? XD

Enchanting_ELK posted on 8 March, 2011 - 01:44
This will be so sweet to see! :D Ameriko really does need more love ^^!

JustPeachy posted on 18 July, 2011 - 15:35
This looks awesome! I love the shots in black and white with just the flag in colour!

1st May 2011

Photo's to come!

Had an epic photoshoot with my Ludwig(Casual) a few days ago so expect photo's in the next week or so ^^

8th March 2011


So this was just a little practice, I still don't wanna cut it, so I've litrally just wrapped it around me and shoved a waisted belt on XD It'll be something like this, but with more security so that I don't suddenly go from Fem!America to Stripper!America XD

7th March 2011

Boots, Hat and Top

Boots arrived, which I looove, and I just bought a cowboy hat too >.>'' Going to work on the top this week, although I don't really wanna cut the flag up (it's so pretty <3) so I may just pin it to a corset I have, and just have it as a temporary top~

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