Rikku - Final Fantasy X


AmeCon 2008




The costume that i totally forgot about and more then likely gave up while making it due to all the effect used in other costumes lol... guess this is the best i can do lol

sorry for the disappointment lol


Ikkaku-kun posted on 10 July, 2008 - 23:31
Lol and ure off again :P u 1 woman cosplay factory 8D more rikku's = more powaa =3

stripey_dani posted on 10 July, 2008 - 23:33
Go go go Kaka Extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeme x3 <3

Defrain posted on 11 July, 2008 - 08:03
looking good how you make the buckles card ?

Odd-One-Out posted on 12 August, 2008 - 18:20
Who was Kimahri? That's the best one I've seen! Rikku is excellent too :D

cornish pasty posted on 12 August, 2008 - 18:40
ZOMG that kihamri is amazing and so is anima. rikku's looking gorgeous

ryaoki posted on 12 August, 2008 - 18:52
my FF10 FAVOURTIST RIKKU EVERRRR you pulled this off soo well mother dumpling

Defrain posted on 12 August, 2008 - 18:53
great costume

Sweeturk posted on 12 August, 2008 - 19:51
omg ur rikku cosplay is so gr8 =D

nanahara posted on 12 August, 2008 - 20:52
awsome rikku, and a great group photo

GraceyDarling posted on 13 August, 2008 - 10:51
Ohh wow kaka you look awesome ^_^

MattDark posted on 30 September, 2008 - 09:41
You know, I think thats one of the best pics ive taken. (Dont get to take that many outside though) Still, looks really good, and Im still trying to figure out where this stomache of your thats sticking out is supposed to be.

timpey posted on 26 November, 2008 - 20:40
i think thats a pretty dam good cosplay ^^