Belle (Blue) (Blue Dress + Cape) - Beauty and the Beast




I've decided to be Belle for LFCC but I can't decide which variant. I wanna do all of them anyway :D It's my dream to do all her outfits. And I know I don't have the skills to do her gold dress yet. So I'm chosing one of her simpler outfits.

I've got the green dress uploaded already but she's mainly known for her Blue dress and her Gold dress.

So I'm uploading the Blue dress but also with her cape since capes make me feel epic and she wears it a lot :D I would like to have my hair down as well like she does after the wolf attack or at the end but I think people wouldn't get why I had it down XD so I'll just put in the bow :D

I need to decide which dress to do D: hmmm...

- I've decided to chose this dress as it's her most recogniseable

- Being put into progress as Phee has bought the outfit for me this evening for my Birthday (16.05) :D So happy!!! Now it's just the shoes and wig!

- Moving into complete as everything's arrived and done. Just need to edit the straps a bit but even if I don't do that it's still complete =]

- I'm now wearing this on the Friday of Expo! (This friday! woo!) and so have edited it so it's more comfortable to wear :D Please see my journals for more info ^^


animekid3000 posted on 6 March, 2011 - 19:18
awesome choice :D

FuriePhoenix posted on 10 April, 2011 - 18:20
Yay!!! You rarely see Belle cosplayers do her cape!! I hope this is for our disney group!!

BabemRoze posted on 10 April, 2011 - 18:44
It is indeed :D!! x

Pandora-Chi posted on 10 April, 2011 - 20:17
Oooh yay!! I can't wait to see the progres of this <3 you're gonna be so cute!

FuriePhoenix posted on 4 June, 2011 - 18:52
the wig styling is really good!! For our group I'll try and turn up to the event as near to doors opening as possible with emergency kits like hair spray etc for any touch ups that might be needed ^_^ Seriously cant wait for to your costume! You're gonna make such a cute belle!

rosieroo posted on 19 June, 2011 - 16:45

BabemRoze posted on 19 June, 2011 - 16:57
Thankies =D

gaming_goddess posted on 19 June, 2011 - 16:58
You make such a gorgeous belle :D

FuriePhoenix posted on 19 June, 2011 - 18:05
love love LOVE!!! I seriously think Belle has got to be one of the best character's you've chosen to do! You look AMAZING!

BabemRoze posted on 19 June, 2011 - 18:25
Thank you guys! I really was unsure of it xD I'm not too fond of the wig but you make me feel fuzzy inside >3< xD xx

FusionRose posted on 19 June, 2011 - 18:37
you look soo cute <3 x.

LittleRecordGirl posted on 20 June, 2011 - 00:47
The fact that you did the cape too. <3 You make a gorgeous Belle!

Pandora-Chi posted on 20 June, 2011 - 12:00
Aww you look so pretty and cute as Belle ^^ I knew she'd suit you! I can't wait to see this for real at LFCC XXX

leumas posted on 6 July, 2011 - 16:48
You look great, really close to the reference picture

seawaterwitch posted on 7 July, 2011 - 03:47
So beautiful ^^/ You look stunning :)

BabemRoze posted on 7 July, 2011 - 05:36
Thank yooou :D

Frederica la Noir posted on 10 July, 2011 - 08:25
You are such a lovely Belle ^^. was great talking to you yesterday and being in the group with you. I look forward to seeing you at future events :) x

Pandora-Chi posted on 10 July, 2011 - 16:35
Just from the photos, I'd knew you'd look stunning as Belle for real! :D It was so lovely to speak to you my lovely and I look forward to when we meet again xx

WarriorTeddy posted on 10 July, 2011 - 18:37
You found me first! not fair :D It was fun hanging with you. I hope your basket didn't get any heavier :)

BabemRoze posted on 10 July, 2011 - 19:05
Thank you guys! :D WarriorTeddy: My muscles hurt way too much after that! :( Next time you can hold it! :P

CrystalNeko posted on 17 July, 2011 - 17:22
You make such a pretty Belle! You suit her so much!

FusionRose posted on 17 July, 2011 - 22:07
I know i already told you this at LFCC however....You made such a pretty Belle!!!!! x.

Eloraborealis posted on 18 July, 2011 - 12:03
You look so lovely, such a beautiful Belle! :D

TheCakeIsGone posted on 12 August, 2011 - 13:04
You make such a great Belle <3 Love the character

Kestral posted on 11 September, 2011 - 14:54
You make a gorgeous Belle, I love it!1

BabemRoze posted on 11 September, 2011 - 14:56
Thank yoooou!! <333

Luna Ciele posted on 13 November, 2011 - 14:53
You are so beautiful! Can I look like you?

Elle posted on 6 December, 2011 - 05:35
I love your dress. It's simple but you are very beautiful in it.

Solaria posted on 6 December, 2011 - 08:19
i really love your Belle you capture her well <3

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Progress Journal

26th October 2011

Edited Dress/Apron

Here I've edited my dress for this upcoming expo. I know it's doesn't look like much but I've shortened the straps so they no longer fall down! *yay*! And then I christened my new sewing machine by pinning and hemming up the dress. I only hemmed it 3" shorter than it was before as it was already an alright length I just wanted it to be more midcalf then ankle. So then I had to hem the apron and I decided to do this 9" shorter so it looked alright. And I've obviously given it an iron xD I'm worrying because I have no idea where my bow is so I'm gonna hunt high and low for it!

9th July 2011

LFCC Today!

I went to LFCC today as Belle and it was amazing! All the other Disney group members were going in the masquerade and I was allowed to join them :D I made it clear I was not to be judged as my costume was made so they allowed me on ^_^ I also got to meet Tab (KhaosKreator) who's making my Gold Belle dress for October! :D I loved being in the Disney group so much and felt so smiley all day ^_^ I can't wait to see piccies of us all together! eep!

19th June 2011


Okay! So Technically it's complete. EXCEPT. My shoes are black not brown and it's a little big for me, so I need to cut and sew the straps on the dress so they don't fall down and the cut of the dress sits on me better. I'm thinking of redying my hair brown soon so I may use my real hair instead of the wig because it doesn't sit too good on my head (I don't think) but yeah! Despite the need to edit the straps this is pretty much complete! =]

4th June 2011

Wig Styled

So I've had a go styling the wig. I want the fringe to be a more up but overall I'm pleased with it :D I split the long hair into three bits and then crossed them over as if I were going to plait it but then just tied it up like normal. I'll probably have to redo it closer to the time but I'm pleased with my first attempt at styling a wig :D

15th May 2011


I think it's a bit dark but I think the style looks just like how Belle has it when it's down :B I'll be using a wig head (which I've finally bought! Hooray!) to style it with the bow when it arrives with the outfit :D I wanna try and get the fringe to do what Belle's does where it has a bit of volume I just gotta work out how >.<

9th May 2011


My awesome best friend Phee found this on ebay and bought it for me coz it's my birthday on the 16th May! 8DDDD!!! ahhhhhhhhhh!! SO excited coz I was uber worried about getting this one done!! I love her to pieces! I'm so freaking happy!!!!!! <33333333!!!!!!