Ryofu Housen (Rakuyo High School Outfit - Anime) - Ikki Tousen / Battle Vixens


Ryofu will make her debut at the Kitacon IV 2012 disco!!!

Ryofu appears in Ikki Tousen, the cosplay I put together is the Rakuyo High School Outfit - a simple dark brown blazer (like the figurine), a pinky red tartan skirt, rolled knee socks and shoes. Also the striking green hair :)

Taken from Wiki:

Unlike her manga self, who is a skilled tactician, her anime self is more of a thuggish brute. She didn't plan on acquiring the Gyokuji or betraying Toutaku and was more easily manipulated by Saji. She was still sick however. She was more emotional as well and more promiscuous and cruel. She was just as powerful, however, as her manga version. In the end she died fulfilling her fate by using a chi blast to commit suicide with Toutaku. Chinkyuu died earlier in the series and so did not join her. The second season recalls a different scene however with Ryofu wearing the clothes she did in the manga when she fought Toutaku tackling him off a cliff but also accounts it as double suicide. Whether that is meant literally and that the past events have been changed metaphorically where in which it was Ryomou's perspective or the aura-sensed perspective of others that has changed is not known. Though she is only shown in occasional flashbacks, Ryofu appears again as a living character at the beginning of the third season, Great Guardians, initially fighting and brutally beating Kanu Unchou before being stopped by a sudden bolt of lightning from the sky. This incarnation of Ryofu, whose reappearance causes great turmoil to the still living toushi, is mostly opposite of her former one, being shy and introverted and pretty much devoid of malice or any flirtitous tendency. Initially amnesiac, after being taken care of by Ryomou she went to Rakuyou in search of clues regarding her past, there being abducted by Saji (known as Ohin Shishi) and brainwashed by the real Genpou Saji, thus gaining a more cheerful but visibily false persona. The last episodes reveal also that, in fact, this Ryofu Housen is actually much like a living dead, a spirit partially resurrected by Saji, that after regaining her senses fades again from this world, bidding farewell to Ryomou. Still, one last line from her can be heard when Saji is praying at her tomb. "Thank You.

Raye-chan posted on 11 June, 2011 - 15:52
I have a green wig now but I need to work out how to put in bunches :O Still need the skirt too.

otakugirl posted on 14 March, 2012 - 22:47
yay battle vixens

Raye-chan posted on 16 March, 2012 - 22:53
^^ super yay! Needs to be done more :)

Style wig
Shoes and socks

Total cost: £0.00

11th March 2012

Skirt finished

Just finished painting the skirt so this cosplay is ready for Kitacon :) I'm having issues getting the wig ponytails up so if I can't do it I'll have them down!

26th February 2012

Skirt transforming to tartan skirt part 2

Added lines to skirt (part 2) so once i get my fabric paint i can paint some of these in ^_^

26th February 2012

Skirt transforming to tartan skirt part 1

Added lines to skirt (part 1)

25th February 2012

Wishy washy

The skirt is now dyed pink. ^^ just drying it then will add the tartan markings, so only the wig left to style! X

25th February 2012

Dye dye

Working on the skirt today :) dying it and drawing on the detail tomorrow ^^

23rd February 2012

Short skirt

Purchased the mini skirt today in white. It's a polyester cotton blend so I have bought some soft pink dye from Dylon to use. I also got a red fabric pen to do the detail :) once this is done just need to finish the wig!

22nd February 2012

Skirt skirt!

Finally found a skirt I can use, need to dye it and draw the lines on but it will do! So just need to do that then the wig!

8th February 2012

Ryofu for Kita

Tried to put the hair in pony tails this week, need something really strong to hold them up with now! I also found a brilliant skirt but its too small to use *curses*, but I will find one and get this ready for the Kitacon disco!

11th June 2011


I have a green wig now but I need to work out how to put in bunches :O Still need the skirt too.

2nd March 2011

Started already

I already have the shoes and knee socks for when i made Kanu. I now have the jacket for Ryofu so its just the skirt and wig i need ^_^

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