Death (The usual outfit plus Emperor Norton's top hat) - Sandman





This was the first character costume I had ever made, and actually involved no sewing whatsoever. As the outfit that Death normally chooses to appear in is essentially just modern gothic clothing, I didn't really need to make anything. Most of the clothing was bought from thrift stores, except for the belt and the top hat, which were borrowed from my brother and purchased from a Hallowe'en costume shop respectively.

The most difficult aspect of this costume was actually the makeup. I used kohl to line my eyes and to draw the eye of horus swirl. My lips were darkened with stereotypical gothic black lipstick.

As I normally choose to dress up as characters with similar hair to mine, I had to do next to nothing to fix my hairstyle except fluff it up a bit to mimic the giant 80s style hair that Death sports.

The ankh is essentially a piece of cut cardboard, wrapped in tinfoil and superglued together. I hope to acquire a nicer ankh by the next time I have to wear it...

Then, all that was needed was to adopt the perky attitude, and voila! The perfect Hallowe'en costume.

It is worth noting that the first time I wore it (Hallowe'en '06), I was dressing in conjunction with my boyfriend, who went as Death's brother, Dream. Unfortunately, I have no photographs. :(


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