Gakupo Kamui
Vocaloid 2

Cosplayer: Ayame

Variant: BPM

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

14th February 2012: Nearly done! Cardigan is made. It was quit a pain in the ass cos I kind of made it up as I went along. Star for the necklace is also done. Will probably put it on some thin purple ribbon cos it will look kind of like the purple outlining then. Just painting the stars to go :D

13th February 2012: Cardigan/shirty thing Started on the cardigan today. Have had to unpick a few bits cos I didn't think properly about how it would all go together. Seems to be ok so far though. Will hopefully be done tomorrow. So much green XD

4th January 2012: Trousers. Now have purple jeans done. Bought some white ones a while ago and finally got round to dyeing them with a box of purple dye I found under the sink. Gotta love it when you forget you have something only for it to be useful later. :D

1st July 2011: Shirt and trousers. Today I bought some lime green cotton for the shirt. Its sooo bright XD I was gonna be lazy and buy a shirt and dye it. This will be cheaper though and machine dyeing takes ages. I'll have to dye the trousers anyway which i also bought today. I think I might even have a box of purple dye lying around here somewhere. ^_^

10th April 2011: Found a top! So today I went into the kitchen and hanging in the door was a silver high neack jumper. It turned out to be my Mum's but she said I could have it cos its too small for her now. Yay not having to find a jumper in the summer! And yay free! :D

Limegreenjelly avatar

Limegreenjelly - 1st March 2011
Yay! sparkly ^^ going to be gooood :3

Ayame avatar

Ayame - 1st March 2011
Gotta love the sparklyness. XD

lumpyspacepanda avatar

lumpyspacepanda - 2nd March 2011
So cuuute! You are gonna look epic adorable :3 can't wait

Ayame avatar

Ayame - 5th March 2011
Aww thank you. ^_^

Limegreenjelly avatar

Limegreenjelly - 26th March 2011
Gakupo :3 I may change to Len if the wig will let me ayamisatoru has a really pretty wig for Len's moonflower O.O

Ayame avatar

Ayame - 26th March 2011
That would be cool. I think they are now officially our male Vocaloids. lol.

Limegreenjelly avatar

Limegreenjelly - 27th March 2011
Wheee!! childish male yay! all the way ^^ I have changed my BPM and I am bidding on some bright orange trainers :D and lime green cardigan... yay!!

Ayame avatar

Ayame - 27th March 2011
Yay orange trainers. Between those and my green shirt we will be so bright.

Limegreenjelly avatar

Limegreenjelly - 23rd April 2011
You can say free headphones too remember you can have mine ^^ I'll paint them up for you before you come round on saturday... just need to remember where they went too :)

Ayame avatar

Ayame - 28th April 2011
Awesome. I totally forgot you said I could have those. Thank you muchly ^_^