Cosplayer: otakugirl

Variant: To Match my Sister's (minato_haruna) Chi costume

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

minato_haruna avatar

minato_haruna - 8th March 2011
YAY ^^

HatsuneHawke avatar

HatsuneHawke - 12th April 2011
Ahhh <3 so this explains it =D ha ha to replye to your comment on mine ^_^ I've seen your sisters i've been watching her progress both look really fab cant wait to see the finished results on the day =3 may even have to arrange a time and a place for a few photos? ^_^

otakugirl avatar

otakugirl - 12th April 2011
Lol, i would be up for photos and i'm sure she will too

Aura avatar

Aura - 5th June 2011
I saw you at Expo! :) Me and my friend were Chi and Freya too! (But not quite as good as this) You look awesome!