Zero - JKMM (Midnight Navy)

Status :Complete
Worn At :Kitacon III (2011)






Uboat 1224 & Zero

zero so far.



This will be issued at Kitacon.

-Edit- Before Ayacon hits in & I'm free of uni for good, I am going to remake the entire uniform to improve it & do proper justice because I freaking love this uniform! Plus two weekends rushing this with make shift patterns before Kita has turned the first draft rather...awkward but I'll still wear it.. Trousers are harder than Hakama to make?... This is how my brain works.


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Progress Journal

baaah I hate sleeeeeves. (Posted 13th March 2011)

I really do..but it has to be done.|:

I can do this. (Posted 9th March 2011)

So.. It's promising now, I found the best possible thing I could get for Green straps T___T;;
Even if it has a weird thin black stripe effect. It'll work. I'll just keep telling myself this. I have pretty much all the bits and bobs, down fall is I couldn't find metal buckles, there black, so I'll paint them silver!

Construction of this will be intersting. D:

Testo. (Posted 2nd March 2011)

This won't be the goggles or Wig I'll use.
Just roughy restyled my Ulquiorra wig and used Tais goggles and contacts for this.

Start. (Posted 2nd March 2011)

So.. my hat and scarf has arrived. C:
Searching how I'll do the harness.. It's proven rather tough findingin anything close to it and without costing a bomb so I might look in to making it.