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tbh this was un planned e.c.t but ive been wondering what to wear for the friday and its a choice between a new cosplay or doing up me necromancer or elementalist, as its for the friday i really wanted something casual and funky as i will be on the underground and so on wearing it, really didnt feel like wearing something complicated, that and its nice to cosplay and take pics and be comfortable for a change xD

why Luka? well its just that the wig im buying for my "secret cosplay" is perfect for Luka and it would seem a waste only to wear it for one cosplay =\ and i cant afford more than one new wig. would have done casual miku however the wig has almost gone beyond repair T_T

No reference pictures because well, its an original as its casual however i am taking as much as i can from other pictures of her what she wears in them the style and so on its more than likely goind to be long black sleeves/gloves, Black halterneck and a black and white checkered skirt with chains (with something on themlike a star or soemthing) and ankle boots ^_^ socks n what not probably not we shall see =)


Sasashie posted on 2 May, 2011 - 17:33
i love your headset hunnie and the skirt is so cute ^^

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Progress Journal

6th April 2011


So my wig arrived today and i styled it within an hour of it getting here, and now Luka is complete =3 so thrilled! *dances around* so i wont get any proper pics until after MCM expo but until then =P have some cam whore pics xD

25th March 2011

Late post!

finally today i got my charms for my chain =3 a bit annoyed though it seemed the reason they were late is they decided to visit romania and germany in the process, oh well they're here now YIPEE! (though i thought they sent me just foam they were that well wrapped - YAY FOR FOAM) and today i got paid soooo i bought the skirt too, that will be here by mid next week =3 (i hope) so then the cosplay should be pretty much done by then ^_^

2nd March 2011

Progress for Progress sake!

Well theres not too much to make with Luka, however there s a few bits to buy and the headset to make n stuffs. So sofar i baught some chain tom make for the skirt gong to be buying some star charms n shizz to go on that, i've also bought a long sleeved top =3 which fit real nice and is cosey i thought it was quite lukaish too =) all i need to get or make is skirt and boots =D in mid way of making headphones.. well they're almost finished ^_^ just another coat of paint, the LED's came today which are really awesome, i love them they work perfectly =D