Mira Maxwell - Tales of Xillia





I really love her design, I'm really hoping they bring this one over here because it looks awesome :D watch the video btw, it's so pretty XD They only have 4 characters atm, Alvin is also looking to be an early favourite...

This is her profile description on Wikipedia :3

Mira Maxwell
Age: 20; Height: 168cm

She is able to summon all four spirits of earth, water, wind and fire, and actually claims to be the Maxwell. She claims to have been enshrined in the mountains, but has come to the military lab upon sensing the annihilation of large numbers of spirits. When it comes to fulfilling her duty of watching over the world, she shows no hesitation and is disgusted by those with no sense of responsibility. Though being someone of the spirits' intellect, she has no idea how to live as a human, making her quite interested in matters about humans and its civilization. In fact, she feels no hunger because Mana is basically her energy source. Normally though, she is an honest person and a natural airhead. She is designed by series veteran Mutsumi Inomata, who had previously designed characters for Tales of Destiny, Tales of Eternia and, most recently, Tales of Graces, among other Tales games.[2]

She has a win sword as well and insane hair and boots(a common theme recently...) so it'll be fun! Need to loose weight so this will be done after Judy is done :D


ProbablyHeather posted on 25 February, 2011 - 19:49
I really love Mira design too <3 I look forward to this! xx

SarahSaiyan posted on 26 February, 2011 - 22:12
I love the look of the new game, I reaaaally hope they bring it over here!!! <3

KiraraYumi posted on 27 March, 2011 - 22:28
Ohmahgoodness MIRA! 8DD Just when I was wondering if anyone would dare attempt that hair! xD Can't WAIT to see this! >w<

SarahSaiyan posted on 28 March, 2011 - 16:54
evil hair of doom >:D I pray it'll work, It'll probably bring out my rage D: Shall be a fun project to say the least!!

BB Dubs posted on 28 March, 2011 - 21:19
Her armour is epic! Who is the guy next to Mira? He looks awesome! =D

SarahSaiyan posted on 28 March, 2011 - 22:02
I think he's called Jude! he's pretty awesome too ^^

BB Dubs posted on 29 March, 2011 - 23:41
I am intrigued!! (Convince me to cosplay as Jude) =D