Princess Garnet (Dagger) - Final Fantasy IX




Decided I wanted to do a FF cosplay but didn't want to do one that was too popular. I've noticed the number of FFIX cosplayers disappear into extinction so decided I could do this with my best friend! God knows where I'm going to get those stupid shoes though!


Sephirayne posted on 10 July, 2008 - 01:39
Cool choice. Will be looking forward to seeing how this will come together. I think you'll work well for the character.

JakeX posted on 5 September, 2008 - 01:43
Ok and i love Dagger also xD So cute ^-^ Pull her of and i will loves you! xD

1000014 posted on 3 December, 2008 - 22:31
If you do this sometime I would love to be a Kuja xD