Umi Ryuuzaki
Magic knight Rayearth

Cosplayer: Solaria

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Lady Bahamut avatar

Lady Bahamut - 24th February 2011
You will look epic!! Although it is weird that she isn't her usual colour as you have said XD But I'm bias towards yellow so I still love it 8D

blackorcid avatar

blackorcid - 17th April 2011
I'm really looking forward to seeing this, =D

KiraraYumi avatar

KiraraYumi - 18th May 2011
Looking foward to seeing you guys, I've never seen the three Rayearth girls cosplayed together before! =D
Definately like the change to blue (made no sense why she was in yellow in the first place o_O)

Suzunerd avatar

Suzunerd - 1st June 2011
Such a Pretty Umi <3 You guys were amazing 83

gaming_goddess avatar

gaming_goddess - 1st June 2011
You made a beautiful umi - the wig is gorgeous! It was a shame we didn't get to talk much but loved the fact our blue fabric matched!

Sakurastar123 avatar

Sakurastar123 - 2nd June 2011
You looked so pretty ^^ And don't eat the mokona!

Ichigo-Chan avatar

Ichigo-Chan - 2nd June 2011
The costume looks really pretty and you really suit the character well. Also, I'm glad you choose to change the colour to blue because Umi looks so wrong with yellow.

If you want to credit the photographer of the group, her CI name is Tsuchinoko.

Lady Bahamut avatar

Lady Bahamut - 2nd June 2011
It was great to talk to you again :D You looked super awesome as Umi, as always! ;D And as Ichigo-Chan said, I think it was the right choice to change her colour :)

CrystalNeko avatar

CrystalNeko - 2nd June 2011
You made such a pretty pretty Umi <3333

Hannah-Kiwii avatar

Hannah-Kiwii - 4th June 2011
You suit Umi so well!!!

And you looked so pretty =) T'was nice to see you again =D

KiraraYumi avatar

KiraraYumi - 5th June 2011
It was great to finally meet you! x3 You make an amazing Umi, you do suit her really well!
I love the color of the wig, it's gorgeous! The eating Mokono photos never fail to make me laugh xD

Felixize avatar

Felixize - 8th June 2011
You look gorgeous in this! That blue really, really suits you! :D