Jacoby Shaddix (Leather Jacket) - Papa Roach





Jacoby Shaddix is the lead singer of Papa Roach.

Ever since I was small I have been a fan of their music, and they have helped me grow so much, and helped me become who I am today. I have been sick recently, and thanks to the lyrics, and songs from Papa Roach, they have helped me realise that worse could happen, and have made me want to get better faster.

I decided that as I was more confident when I was wearing my rock/metal clothes, rocking it out at concerts, instead of trying to be more grown up after a mental breakdown a couple of months ago, I thought... 'Why not start myself again by dressing up as the person who helped me become me?'

So I have decided to do a shoot, as me as Jacoby, to help me realise just who I am, to both myself, and tell the world...'Here I am...I'm back!'


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