Erza Scarlet (Lightning Emperors armour ) - Fairy Tail




I love's Erza ... she's just awesome in general! I'm really looking forward to this one... because i get to be aggressive and no one can question my actions because... well because i'll be Erza Flipping Scarlet Biatch!!!
I loves the outfit... ever since i saw it in the Anime when she goes to fight Laxus! Its just soo... pretty ... and not completely made of armour peices etc :P
I'd Say shes my ... second favourite female character in Fairy Tail... the first's Lucy because even though she whinges (a lottt!) she cares sooo much for her guild... in a similar way to Erza... and both characters are sooo loyal to Fairy tail and their friends!
So therefore... Ths is a cosplay i've been desperate to do since i got into fairy tail a while ago... so i'm really looking forward to it... and i hopes i don't completely kill it with my ... meeeeness!! :P


Neko-Axel posted on 3 June, 2011 - 22:45
looking good so far!

Sakurastar123 posted on 13 June, 2011 - 17:55
It's looking really good so far ^^ If you don't want the armour flat I can recommend several techniques via PM if you like?

xxlilmisssakuraxx posted on 13 June, 2011 - 18:35
thanks! and you can? that'd be great... i was struggling with what to do about the leg peices being flatter than they're meant to be :S

Puppykitten14 posted on 13 June, 2011 - 21:19
what about using foam boards and shaping them, it will make the armor more 3D

Phoenix Xlr8r posted on 22 July, 2011 - 00:16
Much love for FairyTail XD hopefully you can wear one to the October expo to go with our FairyTail group me and a friend are planning on going as Natsu and Happy

xxlilmisssakuraxx posted on 22 July, 2011 - 12:43
Oh cool... ermm i don't actually know if i can go to october due to funds... but if i do i will most definately be doing fairy tail! I has much love for it indeed... i'm planning on doing some of the more undercosplayed characters too one day :P I can't wait to see these happy & natsu cosplays... even if its not in person :(

Phoenix Xlr8r posted on 10 October, 2011 - 18:51
you dont have to worry about not going now ;P as you're my Erza...all mine ;P

xxlilmisssakuraxx posted on 10 October, 2011 - 19:13
:P haha i knowwwwwwww... GOING TO EXPOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WITH YOUUUU :D What success ;) Rofl Erza freaking Scarlet i owe you lool

Manticore posted on 10 October, 2011 - 19:49
Looking AWESOME!

xxlilmisssakuraxx posted on 10 October, 2011 - 20:32
Haha thank you :)

Berserk667 posted on 11 October, 2011 - 04:21
looks good!

Elle posted on 11 October, 2011 - 05:34
your wig is beautiful. Please keep on.

xxlilmisssakuraxx posted on 11 October, 2011 - 15:35
Thanks guys :)

KawaiixFukuro posted on 2 October, 2012 - 18:26
Wow that looks great! :) Wish I could sew like that lol

xxlilmisssakuraxx posted on 4 October, 2012 - 06:27
Haha thank you :) I'll be redoing this someday ( and hopefully getting finished pictures) - as this got a massive stain on and had to be binned LOL

KawaiixFukuro posted on 7 October, 2012 - 14:37
Gosh noes!!!! But hey at least you can make it even better, even though the first one looks flawless lol. Are you going to MCM?

xxlilmisssakuraxx posted on 10 October, 2012 - 14:23
Haha that is the aim - my partner's making armour for me in future - i'm a disaster with it LOL! Erm no- i can't go because of money unfortunately- i got an adjustable mannequin instead lol

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

27th October 2011


Right ... its done! Just in time too! fun packing it all in my suitcase now lol.
i'd say i'm sort of happy with it... I guess if i wasn't doing it for a con i'd redo a few bits... so i might redo them after expo because they'll probably do my head in at expo. I've just gotta be sewn into the dress on Saturday morning, so the press studs don't pop open and flash me. i do actually want to mention Liam_XLR8R right now, because hes a big reason as to why this monstrocity's been finnished eventually loool what with his motivationy stuff and his mere suggestion of doing it to October Expo, which instantly mde me think it'dbe a good idea to get it done in time... if id have known how much there was to do...sheesh neverrr again am i doing this sorta cosplay in like... not alot of time lol ... gahhh its been a big push to get this beastie done!
But i seriously can't thank Liam_ XLR8R enough for keeping me motivated on this , and especially for making the weapon :O Crazy fool lool :D

10th October 2011

Weapon! - NOT MADE BY ME!

Right sooooo ... the wonderful Liam_XLR8R sent me a photo of my weapon earlierr... haha hes done a fantastic job and i'm sooooooooooooo happy lol

So i tohught i'd upload a picture of it ... to showww off my new brilliant weapon that hes made meee :D haha :D

10th October 2011

Gettin my butt in gear!

Right welll i thought, seen as Liam _XLR8R got my weapon done in what ...2 days? that i best get a move on with the actual outfit lol . The dress just needs the balls n diamonds on... unfortunatley the balls i ordered were too big :| way too big, so i've gotta order sum smaller ones in a bit.
I've nearly finished strapping the armour, just a shoulder piece and wrist piece to go :)

I'm not too happy with any of this tbf...i think it looks naff, but i've not got time to redo it or edit it how i need to , because i'm running outta time n i'm getting uni work now too :|

but yeah...gotta do headband, bow for weapon, n finish armour n add the balls diamonds to the dress :)

8th October 2011

:O progress? :O

Right... not a lot of progress ... i've done some paintyy touch ups on the dress ... n stuff... n i've done a bit more of the armour... gloves bez here ... n my mums bringing the polystyrine balls up today sen as i'ma tard n ordered them to hers instead of my flat :( lol

I was gonna do a weapon for this... decided against it... but now Liam_ XLR8R's decided hes going to do it for me... because hes way too good to me... and he wants a finished Erza to go with his Natsu ... meaning weapon needs to be included lol ... i think it's gonna get done... even if it does look naff on me cuz it pulls n twists in the weirdest ways at the top of the dress when its on me... n it makes everything look small n saggy lol... definately not fitting with Erza lol

25th August 2011


I've started doing the strapping on my Armour. Its working out harder to do than i thought, because i'm hand stitching it to the material i'm slightly afraid of peircing the actual armour with the needle.

So i've only managed to stitch the strapping on two peices, because its also a pain to try and make sure its not too loose on my shoulder all by myself.. because after all... i only have two hands! :P

I've done one shoulder peice and one wrist peice... but personally i think they look a bit weird :S So i don't know whether to add a peice either side of the shoulder armour near the top... but i'll have a think about that because i've still gotta be able to move my arm easily because of the weapon and posing and all that jazz!

i'm going to tack the wrist peice to the gloves once i get them i think ... because they don't stay close to my wrists as much as i'd like :S So i may tack the armour down a bit in the places that i want it to go in , but in a way that won't restrict the movement of my wrists too much.

So yeahhh! I've gotta finnish the strapping, then paint the straps and underneath and add a pva layer on top of the armour. I'm going to have to add a bit of paint to go over some sections of the armour... because it could do with an extra layer in certain areas, where the craft foam was of a brighter/ darker colour.

16th August 2011

Armour again !

Right so... the armours mostly painted on the one side... i've just gotta do the final layer of paint on the top of one of the shoulder peices & the leg peices... and go over the yellow patterns once more...

Hopefully i'll have enough blue paint to finish it... and paint the underneath of the armour!

I'm cutting out the straps to attatch it to me right now... and i'll paint the shoulder straps yellow as seen in my reference picture.

Once the paints dry i'm going to add a layer of pva glue, to protect the paintwork somewhat :P

The i'll be adding e straps... i've got velcro so i can easily put the armour on and take it off.
I'm going to order some cheap gloves offline... and the polystyrine balls soon , and i'm going to work on the headband today if i get the time :)

Me thinks it just might get done early :O Seen as i need to sort her weapon out before i go to uni ... i'm going to leave it with my sister if i get it done before i go to uni i think, to save me having to lug it back from uni & THEN to expo !

I've decided that on the day of the expo i'll tack the dress in place where the poppers are once its on... just so i can't flashh ! I might have to persude my friend to do it early in the morning so i don't stab myself.

I'm gonna get some face paint or something and put the fairy tail symbol on my arm... even if you won't be able to see it once the armours on... just incase i take it off for any reason... and for before i put the armour on lool

16th August 2011

Progresss is colourfull and Flashingg Exponess.

Yeah... the dress is ... 95 % complete now... i realised i;d missed off two silver peices... so i've gotta go back and do them... and then it just needs the balls & Diamonds adding.
However!! Theres a veryy smll issue... well... its not small really... theres a high chance of me flashing... :S the poppers don't wanto stay put.. and random ones like to pop open when i lean forward... so i'm not quite sure what i'm gonna do about that... because if i leave it ... well people will get an eyefull seen as i can't wear a bra for it... due to the way the dress is just held together by the strapping :S

The armour... is all superglued tgether... and i've pva'd most of it... and i've started painting one of the shoulder peices...

Its verrry colorful right now... its wonderfull!! Gets my attention really well... so i should get it mostly doneee tomorrow lol

The Weapon--- my nemesis... i'm still working out what on earth to do about it... i think i'm gonna persuade my dad or granda to help me with it :P

28th July 2011


I ran out of super glueeeee :(

It was working realllyyy welllll on connecting the edges of the craft foam tooo ... :(

i'm going to have to try and force my pva glu to stick the edges... but it dosn't look promisingg :S

no photo.. because its just a mess right now and its colourfullness is the only fun thing about it :S


25th July 2011

And it continues!

I brought some super duper super glue today for attatching the edges of the armour togetherr... so i can alreadyy seee problems arising... like me gluing the armour to my skin :D

Stitched the peices onto the ends of all the brown side connecters ... and press studded it up!!

Done the blue section onto the neck peice... just gotta add the yellow pattern on tomorow!

dreading tackling the weapon... it looks sooo scary and complicated :S


24th July 2011

Painting the Dress

Right so... my sister got really worried about painting the dress ... because she'd made a tiny smudge the first time she tried... so she decided she didn't want to risk destroyin the dress... so i had to attempt it on my own!

Overall i think it went ok! I used lot of masking tape however because i have shaky hands when doing detaily stuff with paint... nervess me thinks... so i used the masking tape so if i did shake it wouldn't ruin the pattern on the dress...

I'm happier with one side more than the other... but i think it looks pretty good considering i did it lol

I did still manage to mess up a bit on the top section ...but its to be expected of me and my foolishness...

You should have seen the state of the old towels the dress was on, the floor & myself :S VERRYYY YELLOW!

Glad that this is done now... it means i can press stud the side, add the peice that should go under the blue front section and add the silver bits on!

HAHA a progress picture :O what madness!

21st July 2011

Painting Jobbie and Armour.

My sister started the painting jobbie the other day... and she should be continuing it soon!
I've actually done some more of the armour... in the glueing process of things...
I didn't want my Erza to feel unloved and neglected by me... seen as i've done lots for a whole lot of other ones... sooo ... Just quick to let you know i haven't abandoned it!

26th June 2011


The dress is mostly done now... i've decided to use... press studs to attach the brown side peices to the dress on one side instead now... because i don't fancy a repeat of popping my shoulder out to get into the dress, and even then it took 10 minutes :s the potential risk of damage toboth myself and the dress is far too great! So i'm going to go back and sort that out tomorrow i think.
My lovely little slave ( O.J. Beckii! ) painted the top sections the right colour... and has volunteered her services to paint the yellow pattern onto the front peices... because me and paint don't get on well! Haha ... she's the artist so it should look 10 times better than if i did it!
Just have one more lrge peice to add to the front of the dress ... and the silver peices at the end of all the brown straps... which will luckily hide the messyness of the strap stitching :D !

I've got to buy some more pale bluey colur paint to do the armour... and probably some more yellow as well! As well as some brown paint to paint over the little patches of blue that got on the straps... and to cover the white stitching on them :P
From the looks of it i'll have to buy the polystyrene balls of ebay... so i'll do that on friday hopefully... dependingon my money etc!
I'm also going to buy some velcro to use to actually attatch the armour too me as well.
I've got to do the neck peice as well ... and cut a few more peices out for my armour... then i shall be hopefully continuing with the armour :P
In the interests of saving myself some money i've made some... 'boot covers' of sorts... to hide the buckles on my boots... and make them look the required length... I'm not alltogether happy with them though... they look funny on my legs in my opinion :S Not to mention they're made out of a different material to the boots... but hopefully i can just tweak them a little and use those boots and the 'covers' as a temporary solution till i have to buy some longer black boots... which will become a necessity when i do my Sweet Pea cosplay etc.
Weapon wise... I'm not too sure on when i'm going to do tht one... It depends on when i have the money etc... i'm not too fond on making the top peice :S My Art skills are severely lacking!
I'll get Erza's headband sorted sometime soon hopefully... it doesn't appear to be hard to sort out so i'm leaving it to one of the last things i do :)

So yeah... Big rant from me... But it's going well i think... i'm a lot happier with this one than any of the ones i've done previously... and my sister said it looks a lot better so i hope that's a good sign ! :)

Thanks for puttin up with the rant/ speech thing from me !
Laura x

21st June 2011

Progressss! WIN!

the dress is all sewn up.. i've got some bits and bobs to do with it... mainly painting the top section and adding the pattern onto the front sections... but all fares well... apart from the fact that it is MURDER to get on and off... seriouslyyy i think i need to be able to pop all my bones outta joint at will ... specially my shoulder ones! so yeah... i'm actually rather happy with thisss so farrr... i'll probably start on the armour again soon ... once ive got some little bits sorted with the dress!

13th June 2011

Armour - WHYYYYY!!!

right so... armour... i have a feeling it shall fail miserably!!! miserably i tell you... nothing's going right... cooperate it does not! that and its not too fun to type with it on ... or even moveeeee my arm!! well ... that could have something to do with the masking tape that its all attatched with right now :O
Gotta figure out how to 'bulk' the leg peices up a bit more... because they look way too flatt!
started painting the top part of the dress... and i must say its a lovely colourrr! :D GOing to have to get lots more paint if i want to do the back of the top section AND the armour! After monday should be able to do thebttom of the dress rather quickly... its just all the painting and armour making that'll take time... then onto the Weapon! :S

3rd June 2011

So far!

Tops mostly done now, its al stitched up n stuff :)
i'm gonna paint it the right colour n add the silver peices to cover up the lil bit of mess where all the brown peices connect :) Blerghhh...the top looks all scrunched up n stuff right now... but it should be fine once i attatch th other sections! ...Hopefullyy :S Haha, the front bit looks a bit :S as well... ive gotta add a stitch to the front, seen as the materials puckered up where i re stitched the two slits i cut in to stop it just 'hanging' LOOL Hopefully i shuld get some more done this weekend :)
Wig's arrived, just gotta style it n stuff :)