Asuka Langley Sohryu (Plugsuit) - Neon Genesis Evangelion


[copied and pasted from cosplaylab because I'm lazy >_>;;]

Asuka ist sehr cool, ja? xD -achem- To be honest, I want to cosplay Asuka not because of the character but mainly because of the awesomeness of the Plugsuit <3 XD Loads of people do the school uniform version so I thought I'd be a bit different ^^
Apparently, I'm a lot like her character wise too so yay xD

//Favorite Aspect:
I'm in love with the material! ^_^ it's kinda halfway between leather and PVC~ I didn't want anything too shiny but I still wanted the 'plastic' look so the material was perfect ^^ And thank you Ami <3 for making the sync clips ^o^ -glomp-

//Least Favorite Aspect:
Gloves T__T I hate wearing gloves usually and this is like 10x worse because the actual shape is somewhat deformed o_O

//Easiest Task:
Adding all the details ^_^ and my sync clips, which were made by Ami <3

Orihime posted on 19 November, 2007 - 02:53
I think this is your best costume, the details are perfect, and I agree, the fabric choice was perfect. It must have taken you a long time to make!

Ichigo-Chan posted on 2 December, 2007 - 22:42
I love your new Asuka pics because you make a really pretty Asuka

Tak posted on 3 December, 2007 - 22:54
I loved this costume when you first wore it at IMAF and the new wig in the pictures is really nice and natural looking. I've been rewatching Eva recently and am full of the Asuka loooove~

Sephirayne posted on 26 January, 2009 - 18:40
Excellent Asuka costume. You look stunning

Captain_Marvelous posted on 3 February, 2009 - 11:55
This is simply Amazing!!!

hack.jnz posted on 22 March, 2009 - 15:29
This is incredibly awesome, so rare to see Asuka pilot suit cosplay. Well done ^^

amberlovers posted on 22 May, 2010 - 12:27
really wonderful!!!