Benio Shinada (Casual) - Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto




Made a seperate thing because I got a few nice photos :)
Inaccurate for now, I will be doing this properly for Kita though!

I currently have another wig on the way for this cosplay. The colour is bugging me, looks/is far too bright.

EDIT; New wig, new accurate style of top! The colour on the top still isnt perfect, I couldn't get the dye mixed right but OH WELL. IT IS DONE. WEARING DIS TO KITA III


Solaria posted on 21 February, 2011 - 09:06
I saw your Benio 8D You were so cute i loved it 8D we'll have to get pics sometime -doing Wako-

InfiniteJester posted on 21 February, 2011 - 10:02
can't believe i missed this at expo!! *cries*

Miku Hatsune posted on 21 February, 2011 - 16:38
owww. I wish you have more pictures of this character 8D Its so kawaii :3

Viola posted on 23 August, 2012 - 16:13
Looks cute (: