Philip - Kamen Rider W


Ayacon 2011




This character is ridiculously awesome...though I prefer Shotaro, so may do him next.

Had to modify my own pattern out of two, and thanks to me destroying fabric, its not perfect. Made from petrol blue stretch light cotton jersey, but can't find the windscale motifs ANYWHERE so had to leave them. Plan to find and put on another time.

Couldn't find yellow striped fabric so was planning on painting the lines...when I found a large striped hoody on ebay. Bought it, and with the fabric from a mustard coloured t-shirt from a charity shop, turned it into the long sleeved shirt. Sadly, I completely screwed up the collar, and its a little short just due to what I made it from.

Was gonna modify some fake uggs with fabric from a pair of jeans...when literally 4 days before the con I found this incredibly colour accurate shoes on ebay. Immediately bought them, and used some webbing, buckles and elastic to make some detachable straps for them. They're not completely accurate, but close enough to count.

Trousers - Pair of black cropped combat trousers from ebay, brought up and hemmed with elastic to get the tight fit.

Necklace - Since Philip's necklace costs about £70 and I was trying to make this on a budget I decided to improvise rather than try to replicate it entirely. I found some charm bracelet 'crystal cage' beads on ebay and bought a batch. Took one with the dark blue stones and stuck it on a chain from Internationale. Looks great.

Wig - Ebay '****BLACK SHORT SPIKEY STYLE LADIES WIG # 1B****' from Buster10d. I tried to style this, but my skills are lacking. The spikes kept falling out, and the side with the clips was rather short, so it was hard to get them to grip. Didn't fall out once though.

Book - Wanted a copy of Philip's book, but couldn't find a hardback notebook with blank pages (and despite collecting notebooks, I didn't have one either). Then had a brainwave, and dug out an old artbook, and wrapped it in postage paper. Just need to glue on the decorations, and then be very careful to open it to one of the blank pages.

Watch - ...still working on it.


Captain_Marvelous posted on 15 July, 2011 - 16:42
YESSS! Another kamen rider cosplayer!!!!!!

Captain_Marvelous posted on 8 September, 2011 - 17:45
Hey nice pic! there is one of us on my ryotaro costume page ^^

kitsune posted on 31 January, 2012 - 19:05
Nice to see more Kamen rider cosplays. :D Awesome costume by the way.

Luki posted on 16 February, 2012 - 22:50
Thank you ^_^

Progress Journal

13th August 2011

Not Quite There


Hoodie - done, but can't find the windscale motifs ANYWHERE online so will probably have to do without.

T-shirt - sewing machine busted so although its in one piece, it looks pretty awful, hope to borrow a friends and 'fix' it.

Boots - in progress

Trousers - still need to be hemmed. Haven't for reasons above.

Necklace - Its not physically accurate but found a circular cage with blue beads and stuck it on a chain from Internationale and it looks great.

Wig - to be styled

Book - Just need to glue on the decorations

18th July 2011

Parka Hoodie COMPLETE!

A half day to create the pattern, another to destroy it, and another to salvage it, but Philip's jacket is now done. I wanted to have it flare more at the bottom, but by Sunday I'd destroyed so much of the fabric TRYING to get it to work, I had to give it up and just make it straight. Still looks great though.

15th July 2011

Pattern complete

I am so far behind in cosplay, and got no one to blame but myself. Took a half day at work to try and catch up, and 4 hours later, I had the pattern for Philips jacket. Had to butcher 2 patterns to get it right, but now I can cut out the expensive fabric. Just have to decide WHICH one, the darker, more accurate (but very thin) fabric, or the brighter, looks nicer, but very inaccurate colour fabric.