Caterina Sforza - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood


Kitacon III (2011)

KitaCon 2011 Cosplay Competition




This design just blew me away when I saw her! Her updated dress is such a fantastic mix of modern and historic fashion.
The embroidery is something I'm looking forward to especially as it's not something I've done on such a large scale so it's certainly going to be a challenge!

Pants are french seamed for strength and protection against fraying.
The lace skirt is a cotton base layer with a separate lace layer on top. It's composed of 3 layers; the front tabbard style panel, the main skirt and the top shaped skirt. It attaches with three buttons, one on the front and two on the inside to prevent any strain going on just one button.
The lace corset style top is a cotton base with two types of lace on top. Each panel has been made separately with lace sewn on top before assembling them all for a perfect fit on each panel. Eyelets and lacing at the back is for detail only, an invisible zip on the side seam is the actual fastening. All seams and trimming lace on hems (also on skirt) are top stitched for detailing and extra strength.
The red base dress is a cotton/synthetic blend originally for curtains. As a cotton/silk broadcloth would have likely been used during the period this seemed the best substitute for both weave and weight. The top is a princess seam bodice with eyelets and lacing at the back with a modesty panel sewn in on the left side, a soft brocade has been used for the top with buttons and loops at the back. The bottom is a gathered skirt that sits just on the hips. Skirt and top seams are top stitched for strength and all bodice seams are finished with a clean finish which adds detail also.
(Purple dress construction to be added)


zabuza89 posted on 8 March, 2011 - 01:41
i look forward to this :) love that dress ^^

Sephirayne posted on 8 March, 2011 - 01:45
Looking forward to seeing this. That dress is gorgeous.

ryaoki posted on 24 March, 2011 - 10:42
Bwahahaah i came online at work just to see this! and so far it looks STUNNING! YOU and JACK have really outdone yourselves on these outfits!

SephNoir posted on 24 March, 2011 - 10:45
XD Cheers Reiss, now get back to work lol! You get to see it in person this Friday! It looks so much better off camera, none of the seam details show up at all on the photos. DX

KhaosKreator posted on 25 March, 2011 - 00:08
Love the fabric you picked for this!

Toshi-chan posted on 25 March, 2011 - 15:27
This is beautiful! So much attention to detail. Can't wait to see it complete :)

Progress Journal

25th March 2011


Spent this morning de-constructing the top dress. I have no idea what I would do if I didn't have Tobuscus' play through vids to stare at! <3

The top dress isn't as tricky as I remembered it thankfully. It's essentially going to have to be made as a skirt and jacket style top which will button onto the skirt at the front. I'd like to not have to attach it to the red dress so I'm hoping the skirt will be able to stay up with just a waistband which will sit on my hips with the belt covering it.

Found some excellent gold chain for the other belts and will be gem hunting today for the jewelled belt. Wig has been ordered so hopefully that will arrive soon and will be getting shoes today too.

It feels like a lot to do still but it's not a huge amount really (except the embroidery!).

24th March 2011

Remaining work

Just for my own ref really, a list of what's left on her now:

Zip in top
Eyelets in back panels

Red Dress:
Buttons and loops on white back

Make purple dress
Lace trim on purple dress
Embroidery of doom(!)

Purple belt
Chain belts with gems
Dye and style wig
Find good (non feet killing) shoes.

24th March 2011

Surprisingly a lot done!

Despite it being two weeks since the last update I feel like this has progressed very quickly.
The under skirt is complete with lace and buttons attached. The pants are sewn together. The corset top is now complete too but waiting for a zip (annoyingly I've had to use a zip on this one as there's no visible openings and it seems the lacing on the back is for aesthetics only), and the red dress is completely finished and just waiting for some buttons on the back.

All that's left to do now is the purple dress which I'm slightly putting off for now until I feel better and can get my head round the design without sneezing all over it! So for now, have lots of progress photos!

8th March 2011

Underwear progress

Got quite a bit done in this last week. On top of a commission I've got the underwear cut out now and ready to sew and the underskirt with top lace prep'ed. Still waiting on the top dress fabric which will hopefully be in the shop this week. Will likely have to go in this week anyway for Jack so fingers crossed it'll have arrived!

Discovered I also need a hell of a lot more lace than first expected. After trimming just the under skirt I've used up pretty all of the 5m I originally bought. Luckily the cotton will be enough to cover the corset so I won't have any extra costs now on this costume other than the thread for the embroidery and some extra lace. Slightly dreading the embroidery, but simply for the time it's going to take!

Working out dressing time it's going to take a while to get us both into costume as there's no zips at all and all laces and buttons. DX It'll be nice to have a fully accurate costume but extremely annoying for no quick releases!

Going to order the wig this week too, I've found a perfect one on CosCraft though it will need a little bit of dye just to darken it!

25th February 2011

Fabric aquired!

Managed to get essentially everything I'm going to need for the costume this week which is nice but crippling on my bank account! Currently got a two week wait on the main fabric (the red and purple brocade) as it's being ordered in from the company. Everything for the under garments I was able to get while in town so I'll be getting on with that while doing some other costumes.

I've got a lovely cream lace with a slight stretch to it for the pants and base corset, the corset will be lined with soft cotton which is also going to be used on the under skirt. While I could cheat I'd really like this to be done as accurately as possible and get each layer right.

Jack's brother returned the game last night so I'll be playing through the opening today to get some nice refs of the back of the dress and everything underneath!

All that remains to buy is some nice base shoes, wig and the gems for the belt. And a crap load of thread for the embroidery! DX

20th February 2011

And so it begins

This is likely to be my big piece for the year so I want to get an early start on her. It's going to be going with Jack's first ever costume which I will wait for him to upload before saying what it is.
Going to be getting fabric for her tomorrow hopefully after a while of planning. I've been researching and hunting for a few months now for the right type and have finally found a nice substitute for what they would have used at the time. Thankfully with the sales still on it's currently half price so won't be too bad.
I'm aiming for a heavy brocade cotton for the purple and red and possibly silk for the white of the sleeves. Also thanks to sexy times at the start of the game I'll be making all of her under clothes too including her lace underwear! XD
I'm really excited to be starting this at last as I've been planning for so long for it!