Ash Ketchum (First series) - Pokémon





This is a planned costume based on the original Ash Ketchum (first series), from when Pokemon was still cool.
I may not get around to doing this costume as Luke Triton (Professor Layton) is my current costume but when I've finished Luke or if I've scrapped Luke, I'll work on Ash.
Hopefully, I'll get both costumes done and hopefully wear one at an event!
UPDATE 23.08.2011 Ash won't be coming along for at least 6 months. Sorry! I'm working on Zouri (Naruto).


White Tigress posted on 20 February, 2011 - 12:04
YEEEESSSSSSS Do it!!! With the right patten for the jacket it shouldn't be too hard :D

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Progress Journal

20th February 2011

Ash or not?

Hey guys,
I have a second planned cosplay. This time it's one of the world's most popular anime characters - Ash Ketchum from Pokemon!
If I want to do Ash, I've already got something I need! Blue jeans! I'm currently working on the desire to catch 'em all though!
The blue jacket might be hard but the baseball cap can be found at car boot sales or possibly on eBay. The wig might also be hard because that will envolve a lot of gluing and flattening of black "hair".
If anyone's got any tips on how to do Ash please leave a comment!