Jam Cloudberry - Guilty Gear XX


AmeCon 2008





I wore this at Amecon 2008 ^^
It was a great costume to wear ._.; Although... I HAD to wear it on the super wet / windy day >.>; Gogo holding the skirt down against the elements!

Astually, aside from the OMG SKIRT moments, it was an awesome and easy costume to wear, I want to wear it again sometime and actually do my hair properly - for pictures to go up, 'cause ;; the weather was shit, and wet, so my hair looked like I'd been swimming, not a good look ; ;

Um, the only thing I want to add to this costume is the hair clip she has at the top, easy enough to make, I just ran out of time.

Because I made a couple of GG costumes for friends this year, I did alot of edging, which really looked nice. But, I have decided to brush up on my Applique skills... taking more time may be an option!

I made all this without a pattern, so most of it was just an experiment anyway.

Its made out of cotton and netting, so really, it was super cheap to make, the only thing that really cost me were the shoes o_o;; I'm afraid it was love at first sight ; ; I just HAD to have them.


Also, looking back on the pictures, I'd like to add the buckles and the tight inner sleeves as well. Also, the leg pieces, with I seem to have forgotten >.>;



Captain_Marvelous posted on 9 March, 2009 - 12:02
Awesome ^.^ I remeber your costume I think ^.^ It sure was a fun con :P come to fuyu for the GGXx group :)