Lynne - Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective


Ayacon 2011




I absolutly adore Ghost trick. Lynne us a lot like Kay Faraday, she is cool, feisty and she had a cute costume.

I do have a dress like Lynne's already, but it's black rather than blue, so I am looking for a pattern at the minute. I'm hoping one of the coat patterns a own will work for the coat, if not I'll buy another.


I ended up using a simplicity pattern for both the coat and dress. pattern 4789 in case anyone wants to know. I used pattern D for both of them. There is a dress pattern included, but it isn't the right type, and it made more sence to just adapt the coat pattern instead

I had no Idea how to tackle Lynne's wig. I have no wig styling skills. I originally got a joke shop wig to experiment with, but decided in the end I should look for a wig with clip. Since it wasn't going to be an accurate lynne wig by this stage ( a few weeks before con) I decided instead of going for one that was lynne's hair colour and then never using it again if i actually did manege to make lynne's wig. I though, if I buy one I can use for other costumes when i'm done it's more cost effective. I also thought that the darker tones would work against my dark skin better, especially since the coat itself was bright enough. It's actually a mey rin wig that I got from KIDS charisma.

I wan't to rewear this costume when more Ghost trick cosplayers emerge, and I am determined to get a proper wig. I got some good tips from going to the wig styling pannels at Aya, so thank you to the lady that ran that pannel.


Purple_Minty_Tea posted on 8 August, 2011 - 12:05
Oh wow, that looks awsome. The coat looks really really good X3

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