Fiora Cavazza (Elite Gear) - Assassin Creed Brotherhood


I absolute love ACB and I always have wanted to do a cosplay but never had confidence to do it, but then my friends were like "you should go and cosplay!" I told my friend Kelly about it and that I would like to go as Fiora. Once she saw the image of the Elite Gear she said "hehehe CHALLENGE!" And was up for it!

So the costume is now complete.
Got the lace from various places. The golden lace I love the most though ¦D such a nice texture and design.
£30 (rough estimate on the ribbon, buttons and lace I spent. I also spent it on some lace which I never even used).

Tops were from JD sports and a night top from primark with edited pattern down the front.

Shorts and leggings were from the same pair of trousers we bought in a charity shop.

Black skirt also from the same charity shop but was from a gown dress originally, that we then cutted up later.

Bucket bracelet was from New looks men department

Leather for gautlets was made from plain leather and then the lace sew onto it.

Red material for the gaps in the skirt from fabric warehouse.

Green sash around the waist was a size 18 top but then we got rid of the top half and kept the bottom bit

White shirt from primark was used and cut up to create sleeves (which I think are slightly short) and the back piece in the shirt

4 belts (3 brown and 1 black) from primark. Black belt was used to hold the skirt up in place while the 3 brown belts are well kinda obvious XD

Front bag was £10 and the small back one was £13. Front one from peacocks while back one was from H&M

holster from ebay then painted brown.

fan holster made from a rectangle box I bought from hobbycraft which was then covered in black leather and then touched up the gaps with black paint. Straps were made out of left over straps from the bags.

Material for fan from fabric warehouse

Fan from ebay. Was a spanish fan so its kinda close to Italian.. I guess...

Hair extensions light brown. These were the wrong types of extenions. They looked too plastic and shiny ended up wasting

Real human hair extensions dark brown from new shop in Basildon. About 6ft long of hair which we then had to chop up into the right size for my head with my friend Amoi sewing it and making them for me 8D
£30 + £6 worth of hair clips

Flower in hair from Claire's accessories

Boots from ebay

Then include extras like glue, needles, thread etc the rough estimate of this cosplay was £220

SephNoir posted on 9 March, 2011 - 14:55
I've been watching this one for a while and it's looking absolutely brilliant! I can't believe it's all done with normal clothes! I'd love to get some photos with you at Expo!

Fables posted on 18 March, 2011 - 13:53
Whoa, your progress is amazing! I bet it'll look ace when finished~

Zombiemama posted on 21 March, 2011 - 23:06
This is looking great. What day are you wearing it?

Zombiemama posted on 22 March, 2011 - 00:05
Your first time cosplaying? Theres a few. Don't worry if you get weird looks, people will ask for your picture. a lot :) Just smile pose and remember to have a great time. :) x

Eloraborealis posted on 19 May, 2011 - 23:42
Wow, such great work! I can't wait to see it completed! :D

zabuza89 posted on 23 May, 2011 - 23:17
its looking great :) you make a great fiora =3

Kata-san posted on 24 May, 2011 - 02:18
Looks really cool! Well done. Have fun at the Expo.

whiteraven666 posted on 29 August, 2011 - 21:58
Gemgem you look amazing!!!! Ready for Oct expo 2011?? its gunna be so fun!! and what character did your sister wanna cosplay as? xx

19th May 2011

Last bits to go!

So my actual costume is all done! Took a long time but mangaed to get it done a week before the expo 8D However, its still not done yet. I gotta make the fan still which might look crappy from one side because only one side has lace on it. But I'll still make it so it looks alright. Thing is cuz Im wearing all black its gonna be hot, so I wanted to use the fan as my cooling device ¦D But I thought if I made it outta wood it wouldn't give me that cold air breeze... so I decided to make the fan based on a real one. Last thing I gotta do is make the hair extensions. I got the hair, and ordered in the clips. My friend Amoi is gonna help me cut it and clip it into the right places Part from that....maybe loose weight XD but yeah all looking good

29th March 2011

Courtesan skirt~the start of it

We spent 7 hours doing the skirt today ohhh so so tired right now. But I wanted to update since haven't done it in a while. So today we got the black skirt, got it into position and stitch that thread to that material!!! After the skirt was in the right place and length, flat as well (her skirt if very flat), Kel and I went and bought some red material and then came all the way back and started to make the red things on the side of the courtesan's skirt. It took a while since there were different ways to do it and we tested each one. Ended up doing the method where we cut out on each side of the skirt two long black strips and then from underneath we sew the red material. Don't worry it actually looks ok, the way I described it is lacking information on how much trouble it had caused us (I swear that part of making the skirt took the longest thing to do yet). After that we tested out the gold thread and tried different patterns on the sewing machine. Once we found one we liked we started to sew! Only managed to get one line done though since it was about 10:30pm when we stopped for the day. Urgh...tomorrow have to get up early and go back there (I'm not a monring person >_<) But be so glad once it is done. Must buy more gold ribbon and white lace tomorrow.

18th March 2011

The Courtesan update and help please!

OK I didn't even know there was journals until I looked at SephNoir's profile OTL I've been updating info on DA XD The cosplay is coming along nicely. We have made the glove gaulets! 8D They gave Kelly a lot of trouble since it was 3 fabrics that she had to sew through at one point. The lace we are using around the gloves is the same as around the bottom of the leggings, its not exactly the same lace but its very hard to find the right one and as Kelly said "if anyone mentions anything that's wrong with this cosplay...just wack them with your fan" Speaking of which the fan I bought is so pretty! I bought some black silk material to cover the fan and I'm going to use uhu glu to attach it, but I don't know the best way to attach the material. Because the fan folds up I don't know if it would be best if I cover the fan in one go and then just bend the material into place where the fan folds. Or should I cut out each part of each fan so that it will fold...or would that look horrible? I know how I'm getting that pattern onto the fan though! Basically I sketched the pattern off of the pc monitor and then I need to cut out the middle of the pattern with some sort of knife before I can either paint the pattern or draw it onto the material. For the expo I don't want to carry around with me bags and coats and stuff, thankfully the courtesan has a couple of pouches with her elite costume. So I can put things in there but just got to make them secure. I think I'm going to wear some of the cosplay and then change into the rest there, or depending on if May is sunny or not wear all of the cosplay to the expo. I am making a assassin creed brotherhood jacket to wear so I don't get cold while outside and stuff. I would have bought it from the ubisoft site but they are out of stock so I'm going to make it instead. I got the dark blue jacket already. And I found a assassin creed symbol to put onto the back of it, just gotta print it out onto special paper which I have got as well. Only problem is that my poxy printer isn't working >_< Not to worry though since I always have got my dads one ¦D I'm excited and yet worried about this cosplay. Making it is so cool and so much fun! Really love how its all coming together and Kelly is just amazing!!! But I'm worried that it won't look right, or what if something breaks? I've never EVER cosplayed before and I've been reading up on info and they all tend to say there are two different types of cosplayers. One who makes the cosplay for fun but they shouldn't cosplay because they don't look right and the other is a more hardcore cosplayer who has everything perfect and even poses like the character. I think if you love a character and you want to have some fun then no matter what you look like you should be able to cosplay, and if you happen to look like the character then great but it wouldn't matter even if you didn't. I just want the costume to look right. My body isn't the right style for the costume I know, I've never worn shorts in about 12 years (I hate my legs) but the courtesan shows them off Dx So I suppose I just need some confidence really. Everyone who goes to the expo is nice and helpful unlike the society which we live in. But I'm still worried and just wondering if there is any advice when cosplaying? or how should I pose? Like the courtesan does? I just want tips or advice really

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