Gumi / Megpoid (Happy Synthesizer) - Vocaloid2


Considering entering Bunkasai's ECG selection with this, and Nora's dance.

Difficult to choose between Gumi and Luka...

CrystalNeko posted on 6 March, 2011 - 02:20
HAPPY SYNTHESIZER IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE VOCALOID SONGS~~ The song makes me happy no matter when I listen to it, I watched a video of you on YouTube and you were just so so cute!!

Limegreenjelly posted on 6 March, 2011 - 14:19
Awesome :3 it was lovely to meet you in the queue ^^ you looked so cute

Freyarule posted on 6 March, 2011 - 22:36
*squees* Hello! Tis I, Dee from the masq at Bunkasai :D you made a very cute Gumi and it was really nice to meet you <3

Frederica la Noir posted on 10 March, 2011 - 11:22
Hihi! I saw you at Bunkasai :) it's a lovely costume! x

Clows posted on 11 March, 2011 - 00:54
Your costume was really well made and you were very cute : ) Well done, you do a fantastic Gumi : )

acquire white sherpa fleece (for jacket)
acquire turquoise/green polkadot fabric/top
acquire black&amp;grey striped tights
acquire white fabric for skirt
pink ribbon, black laces, pink string, black collar
make skirt
white sherpa fleece
polkadot fabric (for top)
striped tights
white skirt (material?)

Total cost: £0.00

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