Chi - Chobits

Worn AtLondon MCM Expo May 2011




I have decided to attempt this costume for this years May London MCM Expo!
I am going to try and make everything myself from scratch :s , excluding the shoes and hair as I am going to buy these.
I have just recently got back into sewing lol so hopefully I will finish it in time!!


otakugirl posted on 21 February, 2011 - 12:54

HatsuneHawke posted on 1 March, 2011 - 21:48
Looking great so far! Keep going =3 *gets out pom pom and cheers*

LipsLikeMorphine posted on 11 March, 2011 - 14:58
Cnt wait to see this dress design looks adorable xD

HatsuneHawke posted on 10 April, 2011 - 21:32
<3 loving the progress hun xx keep it up your doing really well ^_^ still really need to get a photo with you at expo xx

SilentDragonfly posted on 11 April, 2011 - 20:23
It's looking great, will be amazing when finished with the bow.

rocksanie posted on 29 April, 2011 - 16:22
Looking good! :D!

Sakurastar123 posted on 10 May, 2011 - 17:36
It looks amazing, I love chi's outfits ^^

minato_haruna posted on 18 May, 2011 - 10:32
Thank u ^^ I modelled it from her pink dress but its had a few mods lol

rosieroo posted on 31 May, 2011 - 17:38
oh my gosh i think i saw you at the expo - bi think i might have taken a photo too ? hugs

BabemRoze posted on 18 October, 2011 - 18:46
You look absolutely adorable!!

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Progress Journal

Costume pics (Posted 18th May 2011)

We have taken some updated pics in full costume minus our big bows... We are planning to take some better pics at the weekend! :D

New wigs (Posted 10th May 2011)

The new wigs are so much better than the cheap ones we got before! cant wait to do pictures! :p

Costumes (Posted 4th May 2011)

I am now working on finishing my sisters Freya costume (otakugirl) so when that is finished we are going to take some completed costume photos!! watch this space :D

Completed bow (Posted 3rd May 2011)

I have now completed my bow :D :D. So my costume is now completely finished apart from making a belt to put the bow on and receiving my new wig!! exiting!!

Corset is complete!! (Posted 22nd April 2011)

I have now finished my corset and it looks fab! so I am now concentrating on my giant bow for the rear of my costume...I have bought some foam board because not a lot else was working to keep the bow stable and stiff. I have cut the shape out of the foam board so now I just need to re-do my bow fabric to cover it up.
Other than this, I have decided to make a hat which I am going to attach my hair accessory to and then wear my ears underneath. :D

Giant BOW! (Posted 13th April 2011)

Started making the giant bow for the back, just sorting out filling :P

Costume progress (Posted 12th April 2011)

I have been spending a lot of time on my costume recently and I have managed to complete most of it. I just need to put a hook and eye and a panel on the back of the corset so my bra cannot be seen and also I need to make the big bow which I am going to start tonight hopefully! Had lots of help from my sister which has been fun ^^
Apologies for the pictures...the skirt in particular needs a bit of an iron!! ha ha. chow x

Sleeves (Posted 1st April 2011)

I have now completed the sleeves!! :) I have gone back onto the corset now I have got all of the supplies and I completed the d rings at the back last night...

Sleeves (Posted 25th March 2011)

Came to a standstill with the corset as I am waiting for my D rings and my boning to come...then I can finish it ^^ so I decided to make a start on the sleeves and they are nearly finished now!! just need to put elastic in the top and attach the top trim and they will be finished YAY!!

Corset (Posted 22nd March 2011)

I have done most of my corset now. Just need to finish putting the hooks and eyes on and the ribbon at the back. Not decided if it needs boning yet. Will post a pic when it is wearable!! lol

:'( (Posted 7th March 2011)

having some trouble with my sewing machine at the moment :'( hopefully will fix it soon!!!!!!

underskirt (Posted 3rd March 2011)

My skirt is now finished and my underskirt is nearly finished, just needs a zip and elastic waistband :D

hmmmmm (Posted 1st March 2011)

Decided I would make an underskirt tonight to try and puff out the skirt a bit, plus the skirt i am making the pattern from says to make an underskirt lol but i kinda went a bit wrong and somehow the zip opening ended up on the wrong side :s ...must rectify in next sewing session lol!!

So it begins.... lol (Posted 28th February 2011)

Me and my sis have started on my skirt tonight...i have pretty much finished it, thanks to her help. It should be complete by tomorrow night ^^
Its been fun!!
She has decided we are going to make our ears. She made one pair tonight and they are awesome!! just need painting now :p