Taran - Disney's the Black Cauldron





I was franticly looking through wigs online, when I saw a wig and shouted "OMG TARAN"

So I asked the opinion of Zoe and Holly, who agreed it was a quite good find.
I will be ordering it tomorrow, and hope that it is as good as it looks. *fingers crossed* it will need some styleing but not much.

I will be making the cauldron

updated June 2011 - YES!! I have myself an Eilonwy and maybe a Gurgi for some photoshootage, and maybe an Expo? Not sure, not set in stone. (EDIT: yeah so this didn't happen)
April 2013 - Finally got a push to remake the outfit and finally make HenWen plushie woooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooo October MCM Heroes group.

October 2014 - eee a Eilonwy from France is coming to the huge Disney meet. So making sword, HenWen (finalllyyy) and also made King of Fairie Folk. (EDIT: Eilonwy wasn't at the shoot?)

November 2014 - Sword now lights up reds blues a purples like the scene with the henchman in the dungeons.
Did a shoot with Matt as henchman but got called off half way through.

January 2015 - Taran's wig needs CPR... :(

USES: MCM October 2013
MCM: October 2014


nanahara posted on 15 February, 2011 - 23:32
EPIC XD, I love this movie. Sadly it's such an unloved Disney movie compared to the better known ones, so this is great to see a cosplay for it.

Luminescence posted on 15 February, 2011 - 23:41
Eeeeee yay :D I hope the wig turns out to be as good as the picture! You will have to take photos when you get it :)

TheStarlightFairy posted on 15 February, 2011 - 23:43
Oh, Taran! I love Taran! I bet you'll be brilliant as him ^^ Very tempted to ask if you wanted to take pictures with my Eilonwy costume when its done XD

Solaria posted on 16 February, 2011 - 07:55
8'D i love this film cannot wait to see x3

FlyingMammal posted on 16 February, 2011 - 16:17
@nanahara + @NavigatorxNami - I wish it was loved more, or at least known a bit more. @Zoe - thank you, will post photos as soon as it arrives. @Sisceal - OH WOWS!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! hhehehehehe, I have your Eilonwy on my wathing list, so I will keep an eye out for when you finish her then we could arrange something. :D

picklesofdoom posted on 16 February, 2011 - 20:04
This film is one of my all time favourites! LOVE IT! :3 Look forward to seeing this cosplay. <3<3

Mungojerrie posted on 17 February, 2011 - 11:30

Telly posted on 21 February, 2011 - 13:23
Fuck yeeeeeeeeeeeah ♥

Luminescence posted on 21 February, 2011 - 13:27
Omg Ruth, the wig looks so good! This is gonna turn out to be excellent :D

FlyingMammal posted on 21 February, 2011 - 13:34
Pickles - yays the film needs love. i just hope he turns out okays. i hope you will approve one he's finished. hehe Holly and Telly - hope he turns out okays. Zoe - Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Your approval means ALOT! :D

Mungojerrie posted on 21 February, 2011 - 17:59
The wig looks amazing!!! :D Cannot put into words how excited I am to see this finished!!

FuriePhoenix posted on 12 March, 2011 - 11:36
The wig look SO good!!! You've styled it amazingly! Cant wait to see this! I really gotta buy this film on dvd!

FuriePhoenix posted on 27 June, 2011 - 13:40
I so think May next year expo for our groupage!

FlyingMammal posted on 27 June, 2011 - 18:42
@Cez - I'm up for that!! Deffinatly! Hopfully we can have our Gurgi too..

FuriePhoenix posted on 4 July, 2011 - 20:06
woop woop!!!

Luminescence posted on 6 July, 2011 - 15:46
Personally I'd go with the lighter pair of leggings, Ruthie :) Eeeeeeee I am so excited to see you do this 8D

FlyingMammal posted on 8 July, 2011 - 21:02
@Zoe - thanks, I am using them :) I just needed someone elses opinion. I just need boots......... i can't choose, and when i did find a pair it was online and the next day they had gone :( ah well, i'll keep looking.

TheStarlightFairy posted on 2 August, 2011 - 20:17
This is looking really good so far! Good luck finding some boots ^^

Devil_Trigger posted on 2 August, 2011 - 20:22
You're Taran's looking fantastic ^^ hope I can do him justice like you!

FlyingMammal posted on 2 August, 2011 - 20:31
@Sisceal - thankies, i need lucks with them, every time i've found good ones, i've missed the bid or they don't have any left ..I'll sort something though - i hopes... hehe @Devil_Trigger - YOU WILL :D You'll be awesome!!! I have your Taran on watch, and I was hoping you got him finished for Manchester. I look forward to seeing you as him. Lots of lucks with him,I REALLY hope you finish him soon and get to be couple with miss Sisceal :D - And thank yous, your comment is too kind, it really is.

Devil_Trigger posted on 2 August, 2011 - 21:14
Thank you ^^ I'm close to it, just a few things I need to do ^^ but thanks for the support c: I shall try my hardest!

Mungojerrie posted on 3 August, 2011 - 11:57
Looks AMAZING!!! :D

FuriePhoenix posted on 20 February, 2012 - 19:11

magigreen posted on 16 September, 2012 - 21:21
oh boy this is epic x the only disney movie to give me serious nightmares has a kid xx

Rynozerus posted on 4 June, 2013 - 15:51
Hey just to let you know that I might be making my Horned King costume afterall, I just got persuaded by my friend lol. Hopefully see you at October expo with my pointy head ^_^

Freyarule posted on 22 September, 2013 - 20:54
Aaah you make a lovely Taran! :D

nanahara posted on 22 September, 2013 - 21:15
looking GREAT XD. At some point I really need to cosplay the horned King, so hopefully you'd be up for rewearing this at somepoint

FlyingMammal posted on 25 September, 2013 - 11:41
Thanks guys, I started over with more screen colours so I hope it looks ok. Wooohooo, yes I'd love to use him in future with a horned king.

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Progress Journal

22nd September 2013

New tunic and shirt

New tunic and shirt done, work in progress Taran remake

22nd September 2013

New tunic and shirt

New tunic and shirt done, work in progress Taran remake

22nd September 2013

New tunic and shirt

New tunic and shirt done, work in progress Taran remake

19th June 2013

starting over

new fabric arrived for tunic. its more screen accurate and the fabric should be more accurate. however im not sure i like it. by the time ive sat here and typed this I could have been sewing .. xD

4th April 2013

Another year later...

and I REALLY want to start over....... I just don't know what to do.......

Deffinatly wearing him to Expo in October for a group of Disney Heroes. YAY
Want to do stuff with him before that.

Making a Hen WEn plushie - life size. with help from a lady on UK cosplay FB group :D because that's how they roll.

I have to be honest I have seen people cospaly Taran with similar colours to the 'newest' dvd art and also more like the movie stills....... I want to be more like the stills I think. I originally wanted to use Jersey for the tunic but couldn't find any a colour I liked. Maybe I will try again???

I still need boots - I think I'm just going to make them instead.

20th February 2012

I think I might...

start over! Except the wig.. For one, I did the side slit in the wrong side. I hate the colour (want to be screen accurate) and well, I just generally hate the way I sewed it all... I might feel different if I wore it for a while but.. I dunno it just doesn't seem right..... Hope ever, I found out my fake Apple.. That's cool right. lol

Oh and also a while ago I went through the film looking overly careful and I believe Taran actually had a belt? not just some cord/leather tide around? WHY DISNEY WHY YOU SOOOO CONFUSING ALL THE TIME - to the point were even the arists can't remember what was right.

2nd August 2011

Just add boots.

Today I sewed a lot of the tunic, changed the front slightly and added the strip. I took in the leggings so they are tighter and not baggy. I have some dark brown leather, so I cut a strip of that for the 'belt'. I folder the strip and because I couldn't find my glue gun, I stretched the leather, folded and use super glue to stick together. Now, it actually worked, until I tried to tie it. The leather had gone hard and brittle from a reaction with the super glue. Also the glue melted the leather slightly and got very hot... As I tied it, it snapped in two places. So I think I need to try again with glue (or sew it) or buy some.

I took some quick photos as I just need boots. The ones I saw on ebay that were perfect- they still only have in black and grey.. I dohave some suede, I might just make them or boot covers...
After taking photos I know I need to take in the tunic.

27th July 2011

Unpicking and stuff..

I cut out a lot of different fabrics last night and got most of them party sewn today.

As for Taran, I re did the sleeves on the shirt, and I sewed the tunic...
Although, when cutting out cut the wrong part, so had to sew a triangle in the bad.. it looks fancy lol. Also, I was rushing myself and sewed that triangle on the front instead of back, so the 'cut on the bottom of the tunic is on the wrong side in the photo... doh! Plus how I need to unpick most of it as I think it's too long... but yeah...

10th July 2011


Sewed the shirt.. You can just about see the sleeves rolled up.

10th July 2011

What is it with me and fabrics...

I buy fabric I like, then when I start to cut out the fabrics I don't like it for various reasons.......

As I said before I couldn't decide which colours to go by, animation or cover/art work. While in the fabric shop a few days ago, there was a colour very similar to the animation, and then a brighter one like the cover. I was being slightly rushed so I only bought the brighter green. I really really wish I'd gone with the other colour. I'm going to go back to the shop and hope it was as good as i'm remembering..

I knew I'd do this though - I should have bought them both!!

I drew on the green fabric, but i'm not using it... unless the other fabic isn't what i thought. So I'm making a pattern from what I have drawn.

I have cut out the yellow shirt, it's ready to sew, YAYs! At least 1 fabric was right - Boooooooooo at me, am I being toooooo picky? *maybes*

6th July 2011


I am going to use the lighter ones. :)

6th July 2011

and then...

I go to fabric shop and a certain supermarket today, where i find a LOT of cosplay bits.

YAYs. Got Green and Yellow fabric and Brown leggings. I bought two different shades of brown as I couldn't decide... my webcam didn't pick up colours very well,but which do you think?The lighter ones i think, but they are a bigger size than others and feel rather loose... need to take them in i think.

5th July 2011


I still can't find a decent coloured leggings! I found some boots on ebay, but not realising they didn't have long left, i forgot until the next day and they were gone.. I'm stuggleing with cosplay supplys at the moment.

Will try and get to a different fabric shop tomorrow - they are bound to have .... one fabric i need............ surely?! Pretty please.

21st February 2011


I can never decide on the colours to use.
Now, most of the Black Cauldron movie is set in dark places so the colouring was dull, then on the '25th anniversary dvd cover' and promotion images, they used bright colouring. This always confuses me with cosplays. Do you go with 'on screen colouring' or improvise. Most of the time I end up 'disappiontly' making do. I will ponder some more.

There's one thing I really can't decide on.. Dark Brown or Dark Green leggings?

21st February 2011

Wig Update...

I got back from Midlands expo, and found my wig had arrived. YAYs for him getting it sent to my address :D hehe

Anyways, I've been messing about with it this morning, I really like it. It's not perfect. It's too big really, and doesn't quite style how I wanted it. I really like the colour, although with flash it looks very shiney and fake... as I paid cheap, I expected it. But no worries.

I'm going to mess with it a bit more, but there's some photos to get an idea.

16th February 2011

Wig and tights

The wig is ordered :D hurry up postman lol - Should be here next week.

Looking at tights/leggings online, But I can't decide between a brown and a green. So I'll ponder over it some more.

15th February 2011

An hour ago..

I was franticly looking through wigs online (for various cosplays), when I saw a wig and shouted "OMG TARAN"

So I asked the opinion of Zoe and Holly, who agreed it was a quite good find.
I will be ordering it tomorrow, and hope that it is as good as it looks. *fingers crossed* it will need some styleing but not much.

So, that meant I need to cosplay him. *hopfully* - for once, the wig was the first and easiest thing to find. Going to ask my friend to help me make his sword. *hint hint* Olly.

Oh and I want to play fight with a pig!!!