Sam-Ho - There She Is

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Inspired by Jenivere's plans to do Nabi and Doki, I'm considering one of the Jjintta Set from There She Is. Because they are awesome!

Probably Sam-Ho (the rabbit with the flu mask), but maybe Yi-Ho (the rabbit with the eyepatch). More likely I'll make one head, and make the mask and patch detatchable so I can be any of the three.

Only a vague notion at the moment


Sailor Cadia posted on 14 February, 2011 - 23:25
Now this is some I'd love to see! There She Is! is awesome ^_^

PandoraCaitiff posted on 14 February, 2011 - 23:33
Search for the series in the costumes gallery. There's a Nabi and Doki from Midlands MCM Expo 2010, and another Nabi/Doki pair being planned for this years London MCm Expo! :)

Jenivere posted on 14 February, 2011 - 23:42
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! YesyesyesyesYES! *promises to start work on headpieces soon!* :D it would be amazing if we could get a big group together some day :)

ToroSonyCat posted on 16 April, 2011 - 22:25
Yay for There She Is cosplays! I still want to do a Nabi cosplay, theres just so many cosplays that I want to do!

PandoraCaitiff posted on 17 April, 2011 - 21:00
Yeah. That's the problem. OK, and the problem of storing them too ^_^ I still can't work out if I want to do hat+facepaint or a full fur-head. The fur-head would be better, but would be harder to get to expo. Hmm...

Jenivere posted on 20 May, 2011 - 20:51
Doki and Nabi headpieces are done :) We'll be at MCM in them next Saturday :D fairly happy with the way they went :) very interested to see how you do it!

PandoraCaitiff posted on 20 May, 2011 - 21:31
That's awesome Jenivere. I look forward to seeing it :) Not sure when I'll be doing Sam-Ho though. I was already booked up for next weekend, and now new costumes are brewing in my mind! Gah! Too many cosplays!