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16th February 2011


yeah so i've been thinking of taking another costume with me this saturday. And i was thinking about doing female kiba from naruto or high school kiba from (seems better cuz i'll be wearing chest binders) naruto All i have to do at the moment is make a ninja band for me and two of me other friends who are doing sexy new jutsu gaara and sexy no jutsu Deidara......or was it naruto? oh well i'll start making ninja bands tonight.
bye bye! <3

14th February 2011

The hair

me and my friend lucy where voting on who i should go as for to telford. so we came up with sexy no jutsu kiba and kiba from wolf's rain. i decided on the later because i don't really have any ninja gear. When i posted this up i relised my hair is the same length as kibas and colour but no the same style my hair sorta curls up.
i also have to was my shoes...........the last time i wore them was when i went to the uni for a lecture and got them mud their kinda stuck in a flat state at the moment!