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..... 18 years later hehe.

I've wanted to be Jafar ever since I saw Aladdin in 1992 (my sister sent the vhs over from american). We had a world book day day at school that year (I was almost 7) but my mum wouldn't let me be evil, so I was Prince Ali instead. I LIVED in that costume. I then had a big obsession with wanting to be Aladdin, even though I wanted to kiss Jafar... Yes oh Yes.

Ok, so I didn't think I'd ever get to do this, but myself, my nieces and nephew (age 4 7, 10) are planning a Aladdin day. Although they assumed I'd use my 'Jasmine' costume, they decided it would be a brilliant idea for me to be Jafar. Especially when I turn up at their house in my Jafar fleece hat quoting him all evening. So, it's a serious cosplay to me in the way of 'being in character'/a dream cosplay. But will only be worn when I'm around the little people. That way I will be tall enough. *ideas*
It depends how well I can make it.

Let's do it! I just want a twisted beard!!!
Maybe it will inspire me to do some more Disney Villains. Some characters I WANT to do rather but don't think I can do.. *ideas ideas*

Feb 2012 - EDIT: The above didn't happen yet, because LIFE happened. But we intend on doing it this year. Infact, I am going to make this as proper and accurate as I can. I have no idea about my face. If I could get a mask or jaw made that would be amazing, but for now I'm just going to consentrate on the clothing and 'height'.. As I'm 5ft 3, I'm finding the best way to get the height, but so I can have his shoes as well.


FuriePhoenix posted on 6 July, 2011 - 20:06
oooh me likie the idea!!! Maaaaaaaaaaaaybe I could be talked into slave Jasmine for this.. XD

Teacup_Erinyes posted on 1 February, 2012 - 00:08
I love you, you know that? I will die of happy when you get this done.

FlyingMammal posted on 1 February, 2012 - 12:01
aww Gordo, Don't expect 'too' much hehe. but I'm going to try my hardest to get everything as good as possible including face/nose/jaw. But thank you. Ohhhh Furie that would be awesome. This is a long way off as I want to get the face and stuff as good as possible.

Teacup_Erinyes posted on 1 February, 2012 - 22:32
As long as you don't have a Jasmine that's particularly taller than you, your height really shouldn't matter. You're slim enough that your sillouette will be acurate for this. As my mum says "talk tall". It will still be epic.

MissAriel posted on 10 February, 2012 - 19:00
I need to see this! :D

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Progress Journal

17th February 2012


before i forget, i found out my Aladdin lamp :) I've had it since I went to Walt Disney World in 1993. Inside it's like an 8ball where you rub it, open it and it has the genie with words like ' i don't think so', 'try again later'. But I used to pretend Jafar was in it. hehe. Anyways I thought I'd post an image becasue i'm excited..

10th February 2012


I'm WAY too excited about this, beyond belief. Yet I'm extremely nervous.
EEEEEP, I have most of the supplys and fabric I need for the actually outfit. His face [nose and chin] and facial hair will be worked on last. I don't want to spend moneys on them yet incase the costume totally sucks. However I know what I need and who I'm going to get to help :)

I did the first proper thing towards the costume today. I used some yellow jersey (bought a earlier in the week) and made a balaclaver type thing. I will post a photo later and explain it hehe. It's not that exciting for anyone bar me.. but yeah... hehehehheeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hahahahahhahahahahahhhahaha Oops sorry Jafar moment there. I keep singing and quoteing him more than usual .... XXXXXXXXXXD

Edit - 17 Feb 2012 - finally added the image hehe :)
Image on left is what i have made, the image on the right is it with my jafar fleece hat this is not part of the cosplay but i wanted to get an idea of how the yellow neck looked.

1st February 2012


I remember an interview with Mr Freeman where he was describing Jafar and I'm sure he said about him being over 6ft/7ft... Now, I'm thinking, in the parks I know they aim for 'castmembers' to be 6ft 2 - 6ft 4(?) to be Jafarcake.. so... then if his hat is a ft tall then it might not matter if I'm under 6ft.... Yeah, ok, I know what I'm talking about, honest. *THINKS* Is 6ft (minus hat) tall enough? I don't think I don't make myself any taller and still be able to walk. Hoping I can just make wedge shoes...... like Mr Lordi (note to self there)

31st January 2012

too much thinking...

i should just get on with it. i think i've decided on fabrics. for the main black i couldn't decide between velvet/valour or stiffer fabric like leathery type stuff... but i think i know which I'm going for. or at least on the cape. Infact I think the hat base and the cape will be my first things made. That's probably a bad idea. I need to get the 'height' idea done first, then work around that............. ok back to the drawing board.

6th July 2011


I went to a fabric shop and a certain supermarket where I managed to get a bunch of things needed for cosplays.

Nothing too exciting for Jafar. I bought a very large feather. It will need cutting to shape.
Oh, and I took out one of the polystyrene half egg shapes from my craft box - they were left over from when I did Jasmine. I just need to paint it.