Kitsune Misao

Doctor Horrible (White Version) - Dr Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog

Status :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2011


Boots, gloves and goggles



After being shown this by my girlfriend I really thought I should do this guy. He's cool and misunderstood :D


eternal_aranel posted on 9 May, 2011 - 20:26
I love you O_O

Kitsune Misao posted on 9 May, 2011 - 20:30
Thanks? XD I'm waiting for hte coat to arrive so...

KiraraYumi posted on 20 May, 2011 - 13:42
WOW! I can't wait to see this, I love Dr Horrible!^^

CyanideCustard posted on 20 May, 2011 - 13:55
welding...or heat up noodles =D (in case of ordering a overflow on pizza is out of the line)

Captain_Marvelous posted on 20 May, 2011 - 15:02
why oh why arent I wearing captain hammer for expo! your gonna look fab!

Progress Journal

Its here! (Posted 20th May 2011)

The coat has finally arrived and its looking awesome! Expect pictures XD

Coat woe (Posted 10th May 2011)

The coat will be shipped out end of this week. Hope it arrives in time! It has about a week and a half to get here from America...

Ordering... (Posted 17th April 2011)

I've recently ordered the coat and a pair of white boots for this costume. Still need to figure out what else to get.

Goggles and Gloves (Posted 5th April 2011)

I finally got my goggles and gloves! They're awesome XD

Ordered stuffs! (Posted 22nd March 2011)

The gloves and goggles have been ordered and should be winging their way here :D

Main stuff! (Posted 14th February 2011)

I've been torn between the Red and White version and decided to go for White.

As for the coat its a pain in the backside to actually get hold of so I may have to commission this. Goggles will be easy. Gloves will be less easy but I think hawking gloves may work...