Red XIII Nanaki (Quadsuit Toon Verison) - final fantasy 7


London MCM Expo May 2010

A school award and merits.




Been to London mcm expo may and October 2010.

This is a Quadsuit/ fursuit costume were the wearer walks around on all fours with pvc pipes on their arms.

Red has fake hair extensions and digigrae padding.

All hand sewn by me and a little help form parents.

Made with orange faux fur mid length, about four meters.

The head is plastic canvas and also features a moving jaw.
(also tear duct vision)

The hardest part was the head and the main frame of the canvas.
The rest was quite easy.(But still allot of work)

Well the reason I made it was one to go to London expo in and two a friend made me.XD

I well learned ow to make a quadsuit and I learned how to wear one.

It was hot, wet and tireing to wear.
and my arms and back hurt because I had made the stilts too short.

Any questions feel free to ask.


DuskatNight posted on 13 February, 2011 - 22:25
I LOVED seeing this at Expo. It really was amazing. ^^

Kata-san posted on 24 February, 2011 - 03:21
This is amazing!! Looks really good, well done!

Defrain posted on 13 April, 2011 - 14:24
ACE (thumbs up)

mrvalentine20 posted on 28 September, 2012 - 09:24
wow just found this now, well done :) this is amazing!

Heorot posted on 19 January, 2013 - 20:25
How did I miss this!? Absolutely wonderful, I'd love to have pics with you as Yuuf ^_^

ArcaneArchery posted on 12 May, 2013 - 22:46
An awesome costume form one of my favourite games. I wish I had seen this when I was wearing my Cid Highwind costume