Kadaj - Final Fantasy VII Advent Children




Ok, now the wig has been fringe cut I am much more happy with it.

Cosplay will be going ahead.

Contact lenses cost £12 for green tint ones, should be fine over blue eyes.

The wig was from Ebay, and cut.

Costume, I have had for years and never done anything with it xD

Will be worn at memorabilia in Nov


Neko-Chan posted on 5 August, 2008 - 09:09
Kadaj! ^_^ The wig is a big short, but its not all that bad, it looks pretty kick arsh tbh ^_^

1000014 posted on 5 August, 2008 - 10:42
Yeah, Im undecided on wether to wait for a new wig or just do it anyway. i was a bit narked cause I had brought a really good wig and I had brought green contact lenses, its a cosplay I had spent money on and last night I just felt like it all just went MEHHH. Thanks for your comment! I may still take it with me yet...

lishosaur posted on 5 August, 2008 - 20:43
The wig isn't all that much shorter, I think it's fine ^_^ You look good! & I know what you mean about spots, I've been spot central recently. Everytime I put my cream on, the next day more have appeared in a different place >:O

1000014 posted on 5 August, 2008 - 22:14
heh thankyou :D. We are gonna try just making the fringe bit a little more obvious and cut it a bit shorter and leave it at that! I have them all over still (having on chest NOT good for Tidus lol), I had chicken pox right before a damn con... ERADICATION OF SPOTS unite

Shazz posted on 5 August, 2008 - 22:25
Looks damn good to me! The wig looks fine:)

1000014 posted on 6 August, 2008 - 00:02
Just cut the fringe into it a bit more, I feel a lot better about it!

kakashi_is_cute posted on 19 November, 2008 - 13:40
looks kool,

1000014 posted on 19 November, 2008 - 13:48
Thankyou! But; I still need a new wig xDDD. For the next time.

Girl in the Shadow posted on 29 November, 2008 - 18:08
WOW thats a brilliant costume. Excellent work.

1000014 posted on 29 November, 2008 - 18:29
Thankyous :)

kdelioncourt posted on 29 November, 2008 - 20:36
Awesome costume! *thumbs up*

1000014 posted on 1 December, 2008 - 23:21

Sephirayne posted on 1 March, 2009 - 23:04
I think it looks great. The contacts work really well.

1000014 posted on 9 March, 2009 - 16:24
Thanks! Im a bit sad I didnt get any other pics

HotshotShan posted on 11 June, 2009 - 16:47
The costume looks fantastic, and that wig is great! There are a lot of Kadaj cosplayers who have lovely costumes but terrible wigs but you got yours down pat which is fab :)

1000014 posted on 25 June, 2009 - 20:43
Ah thanks! I still reckon I could do it better, A re-wear may be in order one day xD

RebaSephiroth2 posted on 16 January, 2010 - 20:31
You made a fantastic Kadaj and he is one of my favourtie characters in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and well done. ^_^ I love Kadaj. ^_^

1000014 posted on 24 January, 2010 - 16:54