Secret Fibreglass armour suit project - 90s anime

In Progress

Ayacon 2011




Made from:

Plaster body cast armour segments
Modelling clay
Resin layers
Fibreglass layers
Transparent plastic
Various odds and ends


Ragepotato posted on 12 March, 2011 - 22:38
Hmm..I have a fair idea what this might be..;D Good luck! -Phi

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Progress Journal

19th March 2011

progress #6

Plenty to talk about this time, good and bad.

First off I got some bad news in so far that my financial situation has taken a massive turn for the worst. So that sucks because I can't pour as much money into this as I have been. So that put cosplay morale/fatigue up a billion notches.

I spent about 10 hours [no joke] sanding the feet and lower legs which was nightmarish. The feet are pretty much done, as is one of the legs. I got something called spot putty to even things out in more detail than the filler would allow which was good. Unfortunately the right leg ended up too far removed from the shape I need and removing the two incorrect 'fan' pieces pretty much totalled it so I've binned it. So that leaves me with two finished boots and a left lower leg.

After this setback and depression over money I was pissed and gave up for a few days with the intention of abandoning it.

However today I got my drive back because I realised how pissed I would be if I gave up. So as I currently have no more filler or resin hardener left I thought I'd start as many other pieces as I could in the wire and mache department so at the end of today I also have:

x2 fore arms
x2 thighs

I spent a great deal more time getting the shapes even in wire this time around as I found that this is one of the bigger things in terms of the final shape. I've also come to learn that I don't really need fibremat for two reasons: #1 its nightmarish to use #2 it can take away some of the shape

So basically the steps from now on are : wire, paper mache, thick resin coat, filler, dry coarse sand, spot putty, fine wet sand.

So for now I'll be making sure these pieces get a good mache and resin surface and then get onto the filler when I have a few more bucks handy.

Once the thighs are done the costume will really start to feel like its coming along, I've already figured out how to do the spine and rib sections.

Ta ta for now

11th March 2011

progress #5

been sanding the pieces which takes a long time.
Has become clear that some areas will need more filler for small dents while others will need large blobs to keep symetry.
Tried getting plasticard from hobbycraft but it was ludicrously expensive so i got mount board instead. Not touching that job though until I've got the legs 100% right. I added a new pic so you can see what stage i'm at.

8th March 2011

progress #4

Applied car body filler to the completed parts.

Did I say car filler? I meant MIRACLE PASTE

Thankfully the stuff has smoothed out all the ridges and dents from the mache and fibreglass processes and was really easy and quick to apply and dry - fibreglass was an absolute bitch to put on, took about an hour a piece and took about 4 days to harden to the level I needed. This filler took 15 minutes to spatula on and 20 minutes to dry. I got the 'easy sand' version with more than enough paste to cover all the pieces I've done for just over a tenner. So the project is going alot more positively now as the filler has already got the shape of the piece back to the original sculpt.

On the negative side I was displeased to discover that much like fiberglass its hazardous to touch and the fumes are carcinogenic and irritants so it was more mask and glove work - worse it stinks too! - although not as bad as the fibreglass.

I'll leave the stuff on overnight and either add another layer tommorrow or start sanding it depending on how it dries.

I couldn't find any plasticard in town and the art shop guy said the closest place that does it is the next town over so that will have to be picked up at the next chance I get.

Not sure how I'm going to get the shine I need, whether its shiny paint over the surface or a wax/varnish. I think it'll probably be car paint and turtle wax.

4th March 2011

progress #3

Costume lives up to my prediction of being nightmarish, considered throwing it all in a burning pile of ruin today out of rage.

The legs are fibreglassed fairly nicely although im left with the problem of grooves because mache dries wrinkly and fibreglass has taken some of that on. I reasoned that when I can afford to buy body filler this should hopefully get them more smooth.

The spiked knee protrusions and dewclaws are in my view a failure as you can NOT get straight edges or flat surfaces using wire and mache. So after several hours in a massive gloom I decided on the following:

1] cut off protrusions with a saw
2] make them using cardstock/plasticard
3] attach them to the base of the wire versions
4] resin & mat

Also I redid one of the legs completely because I wasn't 100%. However now its perfect it makes the other one look bad so i might cast the good one and make a copy.

Oh and I did the boots in 2 days [90% drying time] because theyre far easier.

I was reassured somewhat as I checked the cosplay websites today and no-one has done a decent version of this and despite the legs not being finished theyre still better than any I've seen.

Turning out to be way harder and more expensive than I thought, resin runs out quick and I've spent £100 in the last two weeks on materials.

I expect next update will be more positive.

The next photos will be up once I have finished both leg sections and boots -

when i say finished i mean that they will be ready for painting.

28th February 2011

progress #2

The lower legs have had dewclaws and shin spikes added [wire sculpted frame, papier mache] and have been covered in fibreglass resin. Man that stuff stinks for like 3 days. Horrible stuff, sticks to your hands, sticks to everything, stinks of DEATH and dries to an unusable state in 15 minutes by which time your brush is an unusable hunk of plastic shards and gunk.

I did a few strips of fibreglass mat on one of the legs which worked fine until i ran out of resin.

Tonight I sculpted some papier mache on the boots which are now drying outside.

Tommorrow I'm getting more resin, brushes and hardener so that means I can put a few layers of mat and resin on the legs and the first coat of resin on the boots.

Hopefully once they are all done it wont be too horrific trying to sand them into a smooth set of shapes but I doubt it somehow.

Still, looking forward to painting them, but that is 3 layers of glass, several hours of sanding, a layer of car filler and even more hours of sanding away yet.

24th February 2011

Time to begin the soul destroying project.

Bought all my materials today and got stuck in:

- Made a mould of my lower legs using wire [cutting my hands to ribbons and slicing off half a finger nail in the process - gloves next time methinks].

- Applied strips of newspaper brushed with wallpaper glue to form a shell around the wire frame mould

Tommorrow I plan to add a few tweaks to the shape with extra shaped wire frames, as well as two detailed things that stick out that have to be done seperate. After that, they get their first coat of resin mix. Have been taking photos as this is a massive project so expect those later.