Noel Vermillion - BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

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D-con 2011




I got an Xbox 360 and Blazblue for christmas last year and ever since playing this game ive been absolutely in love with Noel ^^ she's just so cute and her outfit is amazing, before playing this game i was actually asked by one of my american friends over Skype to cosplay her but i had never played the game until Auchinawa, i had played a few rounds on the console that was set up in the games room and i had fun (other than the fact i cant play using an arcade stick XD)
This costume is a big step for me since the back is VERY exposed and the dress is shorter than my attention span :P but it's just so awesomely pretty that i cant pass it up even for the fact at both D-Con's i did cosplays you could rate as "meh" (a VERY rushed Rhyme Bito on D-Con 09 which was my first cosplay, Cooking Mama and America in a sailor fuku for D-Con 10, for America....i kept getting mistaken for Rin/Len from Vocaloid . _ .)


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