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D-con 2011




This costume is actually ONE of my favourite Sakura costumes, it should have been worn in an episode of the actual series itself ^^ I have always loved this anime, ever since i was 9 when channel hopping after school (first watched on CITV :D)
This one i actually look forward to finishing but im worried about the shoes, it's nearly impossible to find red mary-janes, even when im low on money ^^; the skirt is currently the only thing finished, it's a circle skirt with waistband elastic and its very cute and comfortable :3

The most i'm worried about is getting the wig cuz i refuse to use my own hair (my mum doesnt seem to understand it's gonna take a while for a wig to arrive so she still hasnt given me money yet...) and i dont have the staff or Clow Cards but i have my own Kero plushie, in the right size ^^


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11th February 2011

Wig ordered

Got paid today so i went and ordered my cute little Sakura wig off ebay, fuck yeah seaking :D