Anthony J. Crowley - Good Omens

In Progress




"An angel who did not so much fall as saunter vaguely downwards."

Come on, seriously. HOW COULD I NOT?!

Absolutely love Good Omens. Absolutely love Crowley. Because he's all dark and sexy and Crowley andand... Okay, yeah. I'm somewhat psyched about this, in case you couldn't tell already. Complete and utter thanks go to x-Blade-x (my oh-so-GHEY Azira-fag - I mean Aziraphale. Yeah. That's what I meant.) and to Getti, who I think was the first person who I actually heard suggest the book to me x'D. Point is I love it now, so thanks to them. <3

And oh, I need to mention my Azira-fag (yeah, I'll leave it as that this time thank you) some more here. Because I really wouldn't be doing this if it weren't for them, and as always I have the most brilliant cosplay partner for this, and I get the feeling that these two shall be worn randomly here and there many times. They are so very much fun to mess around with, already even - and I just can't pass up on an excuse to abuse the little angel on my shoulder. Dear Dude-Upstairs is it fun to do THAT. ;D

Pretty much have all of this sorted already. Except for the needed additions of some epic shades and a pair of faux-snakeskin boots (8P). But the first and most vital of those two shouldn't be too hard to sort, and since I'm probably going to be using a wig from another cosplay I should be able to have some test shots up fairly soon. ^w^ I know my Azira-flail shall likely be doing the same, so hoping to have these 'done' fairly soon! 8D

And I feel I must also mention Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman and their extreme awesome at least once. I have done this now. <3


BladeyCakes posted on 9 February, 2011 - 22:31
Dear, you really shouldn't sell yourself by telling people about how you... um... oh blast, how do I put it...? Um...started batting for the other team? Is that the right phrase...? OHAI MAH LOVELY CRAWLEY 8DDDD ...Crowley. I meant Crowley. I SO meant Crowley. Ahem... SO MUCH LOVE TO DIS BOOK. AND /DESE CHARACTERS/. *A* Unfunfunf. I just CANNOT WAIT to see your Crowley, my dear and wonderful cosplay-partner. Because I'm so sure he's going to be so nommy and sexy and awesome and UNF-worthy >8D <3 *wiggle of approval* (I'mproudtohavehelpedgetyouintothis.SOPROUD. *man-tear*) ...and yet more abuse from you. Yay! 8P It's Azira/phale/. Please get it right, dear... xD Oh, these two~ So fun to act out <3 So cant wait to see this all together~ Test shots, plz! <3 Its gonna be so smexy my lovely! Better than TARTAN... EvenAzira-fagadmitsit >//> ... 8D GAIMAN NOM. PRATCHETT NOM. SO MUCH NOOOMMMMM! <333333 *rolls* Love you so much!

BladeyCakes posted on 10 April, 2011 - 20:39
OH MY DEAR G- ... JE- ... DUCK. *_______________* FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- *flops, nosebleeds and rolls around the house in an utter mess of spackery and epic and fangirl and faggy-angel-ness and...* Yes. A thousand times, yes. ...I mean... >////> Ahem... yes? Wait, no! I meant n- yes! NO D/8 ...okay. Your utter SMEX APPEAL has utterly confused the poor Azira-fag. Thank you... seriously. You epic thing you <3 SO DAMN SMEXY *A* DEAR. LORDY. /UPSTAIRS/. NOM! NOMNOMNOMNOM *nibbles you, the angel way* I just... okay. This /is not/ at all because you said the same to me, but this is just... YES. This is exactly how I imagine Crowley would look. Just... its like you peeked around inside my brain and based the cosplay entirely upon that *w* You wonderous thing you... just... UNF. DEM SUNGLASSES. DEM EARCUFFS >8D *tickles you and licks them* And the shirt and tie work so well together! AND /DAT/ LEATHER COAT. Ohgodthesmexy... <33333333 *drool* I'mma... go... you know... try and control Azirafag... and myself... *A* because dammit /I/ want to nom you so much too xD *fangirl spack* LOVE YOU SO MUCH MAH CROWLEY. ALL MINE!! <3 xxx P.S. ...yes.